Jamaica's accommodation rentals versus all-inclusive resorts

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  • Author Karen Thompson
  • Published July 22, 2011
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If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, you can choose to stay in hotels, all-inclusive resorts, or Jamaica accommodation rentals. Hotels across the world offer more or less the same services and so need no discussion but those who wish an alternate accommodation option may wish to know about the pros and cons of each.

Jamaica has pioneered the concept of all-inclusive resorts that offer themed holidays in an all-inclusive package that includes food, drinks and entertainment. This means you just have to make one complete payment and your entire holiday will be planned for you. All-inclusive resorts are perfect for those who are not tight on their budget and want to do away with the cares of planning a trip on their own.

Jamaica accommodation rentals comprise private villas, cottages, apartments and condos that you can book for the duration of your stay on the island. These rentals are actually second homes of people from across the world. They stay here for some time and let out their properties for the remaining. This is a win-win situation for both as the owners can make additional money while the vacationers get to stay in their ‘home away from home' on the island.

So what makes these rentals so popular? One, people can choose a rental that fits in with their requirements and budgets. You can get a rental with one bedroom to many bedrooms and with facilities ranging from the comfortable to the luxurious. Then again, these rentals have their own kitchen, and often a BBQ, which means you can save big money by eating in. The added advantage is you can entertain family and friends and since the entire space is your own, you can even invite your friends to come and stay with you at no, or minimal additional cost. The rental package also includes the services of a housekeeping staff and cook to take care of the necessities.

Jamaica accommodation rentals give you the perfect opportunity to gain a first hand perspective of the local culture, traditions and way of life. You can live like locals amidst locals. Besides, you can just let go, relax and simply spend quality time with your loved ones, strengthening the bonds that have had to bear the brunt of your professional commitments. In other words, you don't have to pack your day with all touristy activities. Instead you can stay indoors if you want, relax on a private beach (yes, some rentals like the Silver Sands villas also have their own stretch of private beach) or explore the island at your own pace. The staff of these villas is local and will provide you insider's tips to what to see and enjoy aside from the usual tourist spots. The staff will also arrange childcare facilities should you wish to go out for an activity that is meant for adults.

To sum up, all-inclusive resorts are perfect for those who don't wish to make their own arrangements for the trip and are not worried about their budgets. Accommodation rentals are perfect for those who don't want to restrict their freedom and love the challenge of exploring a new place on their own. Besides, these rentals suit all tastes, pockets and requirements and are more affordable than all-inclusive and also hotels.

Karen Thompson writes for Mysilversands, a company dedicated to providing quality accommodation in Jamaica rentals, villas, cottages, and apartments by the sea.

Karen is a frequent visitor to Silver Sands Jamaica.

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