Doctor Who and Cronies Take on the Gangers in Upcoming Episode!

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  • Published July 27, 2011
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Fear me for I have killed hundreds of Time Lords.

No! Fear me, I have killed them all!

When you have something that begins on such an ominous note, it becomes a very difficult proposition to stay away from. And it’s even harder to stay away when the thing to stay away from is the attractive proposition of catching the legendary Doctor Who in action. One would ask, Doctor who? Only an ignoramus would ask that, though!

As this series moves into the 48th year of its existence, the newest edition already has that vintage feeling attached to it, especially with the shadow of the mysterious entity called Silence that is looming large over the Doctor and his friends. Things will get really iffy for the Doctor and his mates, as they run into some big trouble. And since the Doctor Who S06E06 happens to be the mid season finale, it promises to be an exciting addition to the glory of the good doctor.

The reason being, that the intimidating event that is the Battle of Demons Run is fast approaching us. The Doctor and Rory are busy preparing for the war, and at the same time, moving from one place to another in the galaxy, making new alliances and reviving the older ones, looking for a way to fight their newest enemies. Among the many reasons to watch Doctor Who season 6 episode 6 online is the fact that the intense speculations over the supposed emergence of the dark side of the Doctor will be finally put to rest.

And that’s just the beginning! A Doctor Who season 6 episode 6 download will also reveal the ultimate secret about River Song and her identity, which she has been zealously guarding so far. We’ll see a forlorn looking River, trapped in a Stormcage, believing that her days are over and that the Doctor will be forced to reveal his dark side.

About Doctor Who meeting his dark side in S06E06, it is not a sight to behold and admire, rather it will be a sight borne straight out of the Book of Revelation; pure destruction, chaos, mayhem! After all, it’s the same man, who has managed to kill all the other Time Lords, and the Time Lords are no pushovers themselves when it comes to fighting.

But his opponents this time won’t be any of the mysterious creatures, but rather a bunch of clones or doppelgangers. But things go awry in the upcoming Doctor Who escapade, when a solar storm activates the clones, which even includes a clone of the protagonist, in season 6 episode 6. And if anybody accessed a download of Party Animals, they would remember Raquel Cassidy, who will be making an appearance on the show.

It's juicy. That's why everyone on earth want to watch Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 6 Online. I'm very excited to watch this new episode.

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