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  • Published July 29, 2011
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A social worker works with wide range of settings including institutions, and medical sectors to counsel people to handle their daily problems. He/she works on motivating students concerning their studies, professionals with their careers, and the people who are compelled by the society. He/she assists people with life-threatening diseases, and deals with relationships and personal family problems. If he/she is employed in a non-profit organization, he/she can arrange financial assistance for those, who greatly deserve it.

Primarily, social work was mainly indulged with charity level, but with time, it was associated with development of the society, family, individual, and public administration. Moreover, he/she also works to bring awareness to the people regarding healthcare, illness, death, juvenile delinquency, disability, and other social services including legal aid and government assistance. However, social workers also deal in the social service settings as an administrator to take care of governmental policies and conduct social science research.

The field of social work is highly rewarding and challenging, simultaneously. The occupation allows someone to come across with a variety of people, who are greatly battered, and are in need. Thousands of people need someone to hear to them, one who can provide them with emotional and moral support. Moreover, during your course of profession, workers witness varying degrees of mental and physical cruelty, child abuse, and poverty, abuse of drugs and alcohol, and financial hardships. The social worker focuses on each individual and encourages people by assessing their strengths and develops response plans to start a new and improved life.

The social worker must always figure out the ways to relax, recover, and recuperate, to climb out of all the stress, to get along with the job. Moreover, soothing of nerves is also important for a social worker, so that he/she can offer his/her support and care for the needy clients.

Small things can make great impacts to the social workers, and their clients. The lanyards that hold ID badges can actually work to break ice from the poor and battered people. Wearing brightly colored lanyard will draw the attention of the battered people. Several lanyards at the marketplace are designed like jewelry, wearing a lanyard with red beads, and hearts; it makes you more reliable, trustworthy, and emotionally concerned with the lives of the people. The lanyard can bring smile on the faces of the people and each time you wear it around your neck, it will bring a smile on your face as well, and release strain and soothe your senses.

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