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  • Published July 30, 2011
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When you hear the word "Las Vegas", what comes to mind? I would expect the most common answers to be casinos, sights, sounds, shopping, if not overnight wedding plans. Taking a tour around the hottest places in Vegas will take more than a day, so if you're planning on a trip to Sin City you might want to book for at least three days if you want to make your stay really worth it.

When you arrive, there are many attraction to visit. In fact, that you are going to want to take a pill for the migraine that is ready to hit you. A good idea to prevent this is to plan ahead as to where you are heading when you go to Las Vegas. Here are some recommended spots that you must see in this beautiful city.

The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas is definitely the first on the list for tourists who plan to go to Las Vegas, so be sure that you don't miss this. The resort is absolutely breathtaking, and the perfectly choreographed fountains are definitely the best free show you can ever see in Las Vegas. With the show outside, you might want to grab some food at the Olives and indulge yourself at the Bellagio hotel while you are at it. The Bellagio is one of the most popular sites in the city, and inside you can find yourself in a recreated Venice, with shopping centers and art boutiques.

Another place that is worth seeing is Fremont Street. It is the home to more than 12 million lights and a sound system that will literally take your breath away when you hear the beats pumping. This is in downtown Las Vegas, and it is one of the most visited attractions at night. There are musicians, entertainers, dancers, magicians, and many more performers. The street is covered with a 90 foot high canopy, and is not open to automobile traffic. This sight is definitely something you would not want to miss while in Vegas.

The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas is a casino and hotel known for its artificial volcano that erupts every night in a spectacular fire and water show. When inside, you will experience the feeling of being out of the city, even out of civilization, as you walk through a rainforest with waterfalls and once you are in, you will never want to go out. This is also the home of a number of wildcats and some bottlenose dolphins, and you will find that the front desk is actually home to a saltwater aquarium with twenty thousand gallons of water! With all these things to see, the shops, casinos and food are already only considered as pluses.

When in Vegas, people who are culturally inclined will want to see the shows. There is no specific recommendation on what show to see, because there are so many good shows in Vegas that you will have to see at least one. What show you will watch will depend on your taste, but a lot of people would watch The Blue Man Group, Phantom of the Opera, and Cirque du Soliel. Shows change from time to time though, so it would be nice to know what is on before you decide on what to watch.

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