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  • Published August 29, 2011
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Called the Land of Smiles, Thailand has emerged as a tourist hotspot owing to its scenic locations, rich culture, interesting history, mind-blowing nightlife and the delicious culinary fare.

Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya are the most popular tourist hotspots in Thailand. Phuket has consistently been one of the most visited parts of Thailand. Some people go to Phuket because of its fantastic beaches, while others enjoy the wild nightlife. Whether you are looking for a quiet, romantic getaway or something with a bit more spice, Phuket is a destination worth its salt. One has a diverse range of Phuket hotels and resorts to choose from, that have mushroomed as a result of Phuket's popularity.

Accommodation is available in Phuket is available for every type of traveler but they need to consider their budget and preferences for the same. So, if a traveler is looking forward to splurge on the vacation by staying in a luxurious villa or backpacking while staying in little guesthouses along the way, then finding a place to say is very easy. The large island of Phuket has accommodations from 500-baht guesthouses to $5,000 luxury villas.

Once you have a fair idea of your budget, it's time to choose the location of your Phuket hotel. The location you choose will go a long way in determining with what impression of Phuket, you leave the island with. Some parts of the island are more disposed towards partying, while others are inclined towards lazing around in peace.

If you're traveling with friends or you want to sample the bars and clubs of the island, the best place to book your Phuket hotel is in Patong. Patong is a simple beach destination that has been developed into a kind of tourist Mecca.

Phuket Town is a popular spot for backpackers looking for Phuket hotels. There are some cheap places to stay, dotted around the area, while close by there are some chilled-out bars and a few points of cultural interest. The most scenic places to book Phuket hotels are in areas such as Mai Khao or Nai Yang, where you won't be confronted with a barrage of tourists from one day to the next. The hotels and resorts in these areas are pricey, but they are worth a little splurge now and then.

There are a variety of online booking agents ready to help you book the right Phuket hotel to meet your requirements. Do a bit of research and compare the prices, and don't forget to read those customer reviews before you do the bookings.

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