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  1. Where is ASTURIAS?

Asturias is an autonomous community in Spain that is located on the north coast of the country, edged by the Cantabrian Sea. Oviedo is the region’s capital, as well as its largest city and main seaport. Asturias’ International Airport is 40km from the city and there are a number of carriers who fly to the airport, including Easyjet, Air France, Iberia and Spanair.

Asturias is easily reachable by train as Spain's national RENFE rail network also serves the province. A number of cruise ships stop at El Musel (the Port of Gijon) as they make their way up the Atlantic European Coast.

  1. Car Hire companies in ASTURIAS

There are plenty of car hire companies serving tourists who want to explore Asturias and the surrounding regions. Recognisable names like Hertz, Avis, Alamo, Budget, Sixt, Thrifty, and Eurocar all operate in the region and offer some pretty competitive prices and discounts.

There is plenty of information available on line for anyone looking for car hire companies in Asturias as the route here is well trodden. If you are not booking in advance then the airport at Oviedo is probably the best place to arrange car hire as most companies have an outlet there so you will have the best choice of hire companies, makes and models.

  1. How to find the best Car Hire in ASTURIAS?

As with most travel situations, if you are wondering how to find the best car hire in Asturias then it is a good idea to do some research before you go. There is a lot of information available online, either through price comparison websites like Travel Supermarket, or by visiting the websites of individual car hire companies servicing the region.

You can also obtain contact details for each company and call them up to have your questions directly answered. And if you want to know what other tourists and travellers thought of car hire companies in Asturias, there are a number of review websites where you can read about other people’s experiences.

  1. Long term Car Hire in ASTURIAS

If you are planning a long trip to the region, or moving there for a short period of time, then you might want to consider long term car hire in Asturias. Most car hire companies in the region will offer long term car hire and if you are looking for anything longer than a week then you can find some great discounts (sometimes up to half the daily price).

There are a lot of advantages to long-term car hire, as opposed to relying on local public transport and private cars. It can be much cheaper to hire a car, particularly when compared to the cost of taking taxis, and you will also have the freedom to go where you want, whenever you want to go.

  1. One way Car Hire in ASTURIAS

Car hire companies are used to their cars being picked up in one location and dropped off in another, so you will find plenty of opportunities to arrange one-way car hire in Asturias. If you are arriving at Oviedo airport then you can pick up your hire car from there the day you arrive and there are drop off points throughout the region.

Some typical one way journeys in Asturias include Oviedo to the Parque Natural de Redes, which is a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, and the capital city to any of the province’s other principle hubs, including Avilés and Gijón.

  1. Estate Car Hire in ASTURIAS

Estate car hire in Asturias is perfect for families. If you are one of those people who does not relish the prospect of trying to handle a 4 x 4 on unfamiliar, foreign roads, but you need a little more space in the car then estate car hire is a great option.

Hiring an estate car will provide that bit of extra room in the boot for suitcases and bags, as well as giving the people inside the car a bit more room to move. Estate car hire in Asturias is easily arranged and most of the main companies will offer this as an option.

  1. Sports Car Hire in ASTURIAS

Asturias is a great place to drive around and there is plenty to see and do in the region. If you don’t have to make room in the car for children and you are able to travel light, then sports car hire in Asturias is a great way to really get the most out of your holiday driving experience.

Companies like Hertz and Europcar offer some excellent deals on sporty little numbers and hiring a luxury car for a week is obviously far less expensive than buying and maintaining one back home. As holidays are the time to really enjoy yourself why not treat yourself to a motor upgrade!

  1. Convertible Car Hire in ASTURIAS

Because of its position in northern Spain, Asturias benefits from some beautiful weather, particularly in the summer months. So, whilst a convertible car might not be that great an option in some other countries, convertible car hire in Asturias can really make a holiday.

If you have never been able to justify buying a convertible (particularly if you live in a country with large amounts of rainfall like the UK!) then hiring one for a week and heading out into the summer Spanish sun can be a really memorable experience – one that you definitely wont forget! Plenty of car hire companies in Asturias offer convertible car hire and there are some great deals to be had.

  1. Mini bus hire in ASTURIAS

For groups or parties with more than four adults, hiring a regular car to drive any kind of distance can be a rather uncomfortable experience for everyone involved. If you need that little bit of extra space, or your party is likely to have a lot of luggage, then it is a good idea to consider mini bus hire in Asturias.

There are plenty of car hire companies offering mini bus hire in Asturias and most offer some great deals. It is a good idea to do your research before leaving your home country when it comes to mini bus hire as it is not as easy to turn up and hire this kind of vehicle on the day. Book in advance to make sure you get the vehicle you want, when you want it.

  1. Economy Car Hire in ASTURIAS

Car hire in Asturias is well established and most companies operating in the region will offer a wide range of vehicles, including plenty of economy options. Although this might not sound particularly exciting, economy car hire in Asturias does not mean you will be driving a rust bucket with two gears, as economy cars now come in all shapes and sizes.

The best bargains on economy car hire in Asturias are undoubtedly to be found online and it is worth shopping around to make sure you get the best deal on the daily rate. Use price comparison websites to look for the cheapest options and then check out the model you are considering on a car review website.

  1. Automatic Car Hire in ASTURIAS

For many people, when driving in a foreign country, an automatic car just makes everything that little bit easier. If this is you, then you will find plenty of options for automatic car hire in Asturias, so you can focus on driving on the right side of the road, rather than trying to handle the gears.

Companies like Hertz and Avis offer a range of makes and models and you can research your options online before you leave home. If you are very specific about wanting an automatic car then it is a good idea to book this in advance, rather than waiting until you arrive at the airport. That way you will definitely get an automatic car, rather than having to choose from what is available on the lot when you arrive.

  1. Diesel Car Hire in ASTURIAS

Environmentalists might not approve of this option, but diesel car hire in Asturias can present some significant savings when it comes to fuel costs. Although diesel is often a little more expensive to buy, most cars get much more mileage from a litre of diesel than a litre of petrol, meaning it goes much further. In some cases this can be almost twice as much.

If you do want a diesel car it is often a good idea to book in advance as some car hire companies may have only a small number in their fleet. Always check with the car hire representative and make sure you are driving away with a diesel car to avoid any disasters resulting from filling up with the wrong fuel.

  1. Cheapest Car Hire in ASTURIAS

The cheapest car hire in Asturias will surprise and delight in terms of the prices. There are local companies offering significant discounts, as well as large names like Europcar, which operate all over Europe and are able to offer customers a very low daily rate.

If you want to make sure you get the cheapest car hire, then it is a good idea to do plenty of research before you go. The internet is the best place for this as there are plenty of price comparison website that will show you exactly which companies are offering the best deals. Booking plenty of time in advance can also give you substantial savings, as can booking for more than one week.

  1. Daily Car Hire in ASTURIAS

Car hire in Asturias is extremely flexible and booking a car for the entire week of your holiday is not the only option. There are some fantastic deals to be had from car hire companies offering daily specials and this also provides much more flexibility to travellers who like to keep their plans adaptable.

The other advantage of daily car hire in Asturias is that you do not really need to book in advance. Customers only requiring a car for a short period of time should find they have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a make or model for 24 hours.

  1. Weekend Car Hire in ASTURIAS

A weekend break in Asturias is a wonderful choice as there is a lot to see and do in the region, as well as the fabulous coastline to explore. If you are only staying for Saturday and Sunday, then weekend car hire in Asturias is a good option to avoid the costs and delays associated with public transport and taxis.

Most companies operating in Asturias will have a weekend car hire option and there are some great deals to be had if you shop around. In most cases you can pick up the car at the airport when you arrive and drop it off at the end of your weekend, either back at the airport, or wherever you finish your trip.

  1. Self Drive Car Hire in ASTURIAS

Asturias is a wonderful part of Spain, whether you are looking to visit the many local historical sites, the Cantabrian Mountains, or the region’s many wonderful restaurants that serve some of the best seafood in Europe. One of the best ways to make sure you get to see and do all the things on your list is to opt for self-drive car hire in Asturias.

There are a number of car hire companies, like Hertz and Europcar, offering self drive car hire in Asturias and you can arrange this in advance or just turn up at one of their outlets and hire a car on the day.

  1. Information about Car Hire in ASTURIAS

If you are looking for information about car hire in Asturias, the best place to start is by getting online. As well as the local companies that operate in the region, there are a large number of very recognisable names to choose from – such as Budget and Avis – and their websites provide plenty of information on the prices and the process of booking.

You can also obtain contact numbers for the car hire companies in Asturias and call them up to have your questions answered directly. Some of the best and most unbiased information available is in the form of other people’s opinions – check out price comparison websites and review websites like Trip Advisor and read the experiences other customers have had.

  1. Van Hire in ASTURIAS

Whether you are moving house, moving an object, or simply need a large vehicle to transport something, van hire in Asturias is easy to arrange. This kind of rental should be arranged in advance so that you get the vehicle with exactly the kind of specifications you are looking for – especially if you are running to some kind of deadline.

There is plenty of information on van hire in Asturias available on the internet and you can find some specialised companies who will be able to advise on the process. If you are nervous about hiring a van then go to a review website and see how other people have found the experience.

  1. Compare Car Hire in ASTURIAS

If you are looking for the best deals on car hire, or you are curious as to the kinds of options you have, then you may want to compare car hire in Asturias before you actually commit to anything. You can do this by shopping around and obtaining prices and specifications from the various companies’ websites.

There is also the option of price comparison websites, which offer an immediate way of weighing up the different features and costs associated with car hire in Asturias. Check out websites like Holiday Supermarket for the best deals, as well as reviewer websites like Trip Advisor, which will also include details of prices.

  1. Car Hire Offers in ASTURIAS

There are some great car hire offers in Asturias for anyone looking to rent for a holiday or on a more long-term basis. Car hire companies normally post their best offers online so using search engines and browsing car hire websites is often the best way to make sure you are getting a great deal.

You can also use price comparison websites, sign up to newsletters, and go on review websites to see the kinds of deals other people benefitted from. If you would rather do things on a more personal level then simply call up the companies that operate in the region (Europcar etc) and ask what offers they have available.

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