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  • Published September 5, 2011
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A stay in a Bali villa is an experience in itself; an experience which is nothing short of royal treatment. However, like many popular and exquisite things, villas here have given birth to a lot of unscrupulous elements.

There are many out there in Bali who promise a villa experience at dirt cheap prices. But all you get is a substandard experience which ruins your holiday. Quality comes at a price. Although the rental cost of a villa here is not fixed, there are certain parameters which can help you separate the bad from the good.

The rental of a Bali villa during a normal season ranges between USD 280 to USD 2,000, depending on the number of rooms and the size of the villa. That’s anywhere between USD 120 to USD 400 per room, considering that most villas have approximately 4-5 rooms. That’s still cheaper than a hotel. But if someone offers you a Bali villa holiday at lesser than that, you should grow suspicious.

Beware of people who are ready to fool you by giving you wrong information and hopeless villa experience. Ensure you have a true picture of the rentals. What makes these villas special is the fact that the rental prices include the services of the cook, the gardener, the driver, the security guard etc. They also include electricity expenses, laundry expenses, taxes and internet access charges.

Most of them offering a Bali villa holiday do not disclose this to the unsuspecting tourists, thus charging them way more than appropriate. And here’s another caveat- while you order your favorite snacks from the nearby market or ask the cook to prepare that special meal for you, everything is bought by the staff at the local price. The local price here is approximately 70% lower than the price you get at hotels.

But again, some people take advantage of the tourists’ ignorance and charge them high rates, which is unfair and unethical. Make sure that before renting a villa here, you ask them in clear cut terms about the service charges that are included in the rentals and the in-house services they will be providing free of cost.

A holiday in one of the many authentic villas here is a paradise like experience and for the connoisseurs out there, it is a must do at least once in a life-time. And if you are planning to see Bali in all its glory, come in the months of July to September, or during New Year and Christmas time, when Bali is in its full bloom. But that’s not to say that a holiday in a villa here at any other time of the year is not worth it; it is worth every penny you spend.

All you need to do is make sure you book the right Bali villa from the right source. Everything else will be taken care of by the staff at these villas.

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