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A holiday in a luxury villa in Bali is a traveler’s delight. Staying amidst serene surroundings, with personal staff at your behest every minute of the day is something you see in movies or read in books. However, Bali is a small place with its own laidback charm. Information can be a little hard to find for first time travelers coming to Bali. Here are answers to some of the most common questions that tourists have in mind regarding Bali villa holidays.

The minimum rental period

To start with, one has to book a villa here for at least a couple of weeks. However, of late, there are villas here which let you stay for as less as three nights. Although they do charge you something extra for staying less than a week in the form of surcharge, it’s still better than paying for a week or two weeks of stay. After all, nobody has that kind of time on his hands these days.

Bali villas may ask you for personal information

This part often scares most people. Most villas here ask the guests for personal information. Unlike hotels where just the name and telephone number suffices, personal information is vital for the villas. They keep valuable belongings of guests with them, which makes it necessary. As far as selling the personal information is concerned, Balinese people don’t usually resort to such tactics.

The drawbacks of a Bali villa

Most people say, "I keep hearing about how great luxury villas in Bali are. I never hear anything bad about them. Are they that perfect?"

Well, as compared to villas in other developed nations, luxury villas in Bali do have some drawbacks. Bali is a very small place and it is a developing place. Thus, unlike places like New York or San Francisco, there may be the occasional power failure a villa in Bali. That would mean your refrigerator, television etc. won’t work.

Also, internet connectivity and phone connectivity could be low here during the rainy season. But those drawbacks don’t take away much from the Balinese experience you get at a villa here.

The tipping etiquette

Staff at a Bali villa remains at your service as long as you stay there. They are cordial, friendly and go to any lengths to make sure you have an enjoyable stay. It is a good practice to tip the staff at the end of your visit. As for what tip makes for a good tip, anything between USD 3 to USD 6 goes well. Although you can tip each staff member individually, it is advisable to give the tips to the manager in the presence of other staff.

Traveling with kids

Although a Bali villa holiday is often pitched as a honeymoon experience, it does not mean you cannot bring your kids along. At almost all the places here, you can avail the services of a nanny to take care of your children. Almost all villas offer nanny services at no extra cost.

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