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  • Author Steve Holt
  • Published September 11, 2011
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Becoming an author is no longer reserved for those with a Masters in creative writing. The internet has become an easy way to get your writing published, and authors are becoming more and more aware of this.Authors are now turning online as a means of publishing their articles, with many authors using this as their sole means of publications.

Before turning to the web as your publishing platform, then you should always submit your article to a few leading publishing websites, this will give you a good indication of attraction to your writing. This feedback can be used to gauge popularity of your published topic. Top online publishing platforms actually supply their authors with a few hints for article topics. Suggestions are good for when you are stuck with ideas, make sure you are not picking subjects based solely on the popularity though. A popular website may put up a requested topic such as SEO in Somerset, but you may have no prior knowledge on this subject.

Writing your first articles on a subject you are knowledgable on is a great time saver as it doesn't require hours of research. I suggest writing about a hobby or passion you have, this gives ideal insider information. When writing on an unknown subject, it can require many hours of research before you can commence writing. Many authors are launching websites personally, or as part of a community, allowing them to publish their writing online.

It is not a simple transition, however there are many web developers and web technicians that will be able to assist with the configuration for your website. Existing solutions such as Wordpress make it easier when setting up, however you will still need to register a website address, upload your website and submit your content before you launch the site. After you have completed the technical configuration, you will be granted immediate access to publishing your writing and articles online. Utilising hit counters and website analytics, an author can determine what their strongest and most popular areas of writing are. This can be seen as a big task to complete, however there are many out there who have completed this already and if you contact an experienced online writers they can give excellent guidance on your venture.

For more information about online publishing, or if you are looking to get your own work published, then head over to The LogicalDirectory.

Steve Holt is currently writing a series of articles and content for the Devon Cottages website.

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