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Bangkok is a sprawling metropolis, divided into five key districts - Thonburi, which offers a glimpse of traditional Thai canal-side life, Old City which boasts the breathtaking Wat Pho temple and the famous Grand Palace, Chinatown with its bustling markets, Downtown, Bangkok’s main commercial centre and home to Patpong night market, and finally Dusit, where you can find the City Zoo and Vinanmek Mansion.

Travelling around Bangkok is incredibly easy thanks to a well-runSkytrain public transport system, an efficient subway network and the Chao Prayariver, with its series of canals brimming with riverboats.

Krabi as a Relaxing Alternate to Bangkok

Bangkok is a bustling and very busy city! If you are the type of person that wants privacy and avoids crowds, consider visiting nearby Krabi (400 miles away) instead. Krabi offers incredible beaches, good restaurants, and a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for those vacationers wanting to avoid the crowds. Consider a Krabi villa rental as a peaceful alternate to Bangkok.

Where to Stay

Accommodation in Bangkok caters for all budgets and tastes, from the cheap backpacker hostels of the Khao San road to the sumptuous five-star hotels overlooking the river.

What to Do in Bangkok

It is difficult to do more than just scratch the surface of Bangkok in 48 hours, but you should be able to fit in at least some of our suggestions below.

Down by the River

Take a riverboat tour on the magnificent Chao Praya River. This is one of the most relaxing ways to soak up the sights and sounds and to visit the top tourist attractions in Bangkok. You can even buy a one day pass and really get to see Bangkok from a totally different perspective.

Cultural Itinerary

Don’t forget to dress appropriately for Thai temple visits, which means no bare legs or shoulders!

True culture-vultures must visit the Wat Pho temple, an impressive labyrinth of buildings renowned for its vast, 46 m long, gold-plated reclining Buddha. Wat Pho temple is a stunning example of ancient Thai architecture.

Not far from Wat Pho is the Museum of Siam, recommended for tourists interested in Thai history, art and culture. You can also take time out of your busy sightseeing schedule for a refreshing Thai iced tea served in the beautiful gardens.

Dedicate a few hours to exploring the Grand Palace, once the official residence of Thai kings, on Na Phra road. It is a huge walled complex of buildings, criss-crossed by narrow alleys that reveal dazzling royal temples, palaces and manicured gardens. Here you can marvel at the breathtaking temple of the Emerald Buddha, which features an intricate image of Buddha, carved lovingly from jade.

Another fascinating display of traditional Thai architecture is the Jim Thompson House, next to KhlongSaenSaeb canal. This is an intriguing collection of six Thai houses constructed from teak. These ho

mes were originally moved from other parts of Thailand and painstakingly reconstructed in Bangkok by an American silk merchant, Jim Thompson. These incredible buildings, crammed with beautiful antiques and works of art, are surrounded by magnificent gardens.

Bangkok Cuisine

Bangkok boasts an astonishing number of restaurants, offering gourmet cuisine, Thai fusion cooking and traditional Thai street food served by the street hawkers. Famous Bangkok dishes include the mouthwatering Ka Yang (charcoal grilled chicken), Pop Pia (spring rolls) and KhanomBeuang (delicious sweet pancakes). Don’t worry about eating lfrom the street stalls - if the food is cooked fresh, right before your eyes and is served red hot, it is perfectly safe to eat!

At lunchtime visit Tha Chang pier for authentic Thai food, such as delicious noodle soups eand fiery curries, served from the variety of mobile stalls and small restaurants.

At night, sample the street food from the myriad of stalls on SukhumvitSoi 38, just off Sukhumvit Road. The food here is exceptionally cheap and you can combine your meal wtith a leisurely stroll through the lively market.

For a more sophisticated Bangkok dining experience, head off to Silom road for some of the best restaurants in town.

For the shopaholics!

If you want to squeeze some retail therapy, Thai style, into your short break in Bangkok, then visit Chatuchak weekend market at Chatuchak Park. With a staggering 5000 plus stalls, it is easily the largest market in Thailand and is the ideal place for bagging a bargain and enjoying a good haggle. The stalls sell almost everything from clothes and jewellery to collectibles and reproduction antiques. Try and visit early, as it can get incredibly hot and sticky later in the day.

Night markets are also a fun way to shop and a great way to while away the evening. The biggest and best night market in Bangkok can be found in the lively entertainment district of Patpong and is well worth a visit.

For more up-market shopping, visit the Emporium Shopping centre on Sukhumvit Road. This impressive Bangkok shopping centre houses luxury retail outlets selling jewellery, antiques, artworks, Thai silk, and high-end Thai tailors.

If your itinerary includes stops in Krabi or Phuket, Bangkok is the perfect place to purchase the majority of your souvenirs. You will find a better selection of souvenirs at lower prices here than in the coastal areas of Phuket or Krabi.

Relaxing in Bangkok

If you need a break before you hit the Bangkok night spots, then why not try a traditional Thai massage? In addition to its famous temple, Wat Pho is also the birthplace of Thai massage. There is an acclaimed Thai massage training centre where you can treat yourself to one of the best massages in Thailand.

If you are searching for a calm, green oasis, in which to catch your breath, then pop to Lumpini Park. Here, you can relax under the shade of a tree and watch the joggers race by, to the constant hum of traffic in the background.


If you still have enough energy after all that sightseeing and want to try the energetic Bangkok night life, visit KohSahn road. This buzzing night spot is lined with crowded bars and nightclubs, where you can drink and party until the sun comes up!

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