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  • Published November 27, 2011
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Are you in the business of selling spare parts? Perhaps you are in the business of selling spare parts for the equipment used in mining operations. What would you do? Your best recourse is to produce catalogs for the purchase of the mining companies to browse through. For such a big company selling high quality and expensive spare spares, your catalog printing should reflect that so that you will present yourself as a viable and reliable option for mining spare parts.

Mining companies have heavy duty equipment that work hard to extract minerals from different locations. As such, their equipment is susceptible to break down from wear and tear and so they need a reliable supplier for their spare parts. If you want to do effective business with them, you should produce catalogs that they can look into in case they need something or if they are going to stack up on some parts that are often replaced. Here are some of the things that you can do.

  1. Organize the items that will be included in your catalog. Sort them out by kind, such as underground mining parts, surface mining parts, and accessories. If there are sub-categories per section, divide them properly so that it will be easy for your clients to navigate through your booklet. Then determine the number of items that you will put in one page so that you will know how many pages you need. While you can squeeze in as many products as you can in one page, do leave space for a breather so that your reader will not get a headache going through so many things in one page. Remember that you will still have to put descriptions, product codes, and prices in there so you have to set aside space for that as you count the number of products that will get into one page.

  2. Use a standard short bond paper size for the actual size of your catalog. A good catalog should have at least 16 pages and you just add pages by fours.

  3. Put a nice mining related photo on the cover so that it will speak about the products you are selling. You can take the photo yourself or you can hire a photographer for better quality photos. Or you may buy stock photos from the net.

  4. Have all the products together for a one-time photo shoot. The pictorial will not be much because there are just items but you will need to have them photographed at the studio where there is ample lighting. Take shots of the different angles of the item.

  5. Writes appropriate descriptions of the items and then submit all your materials to the layout artist. Or you can do it yourself. But for a business like this it is best to let a professional artist do the design so that the final printed material will also be professional looking. Then have your catalogs processed by a commercial printer for good quality prints that are sure to impress your clients.

If you are not always updating your spare parts line unlike those of fashion items, your catalog printing could be done once only and a reprint will only be undertaken when you run out of copies. That will be time that you can update the contents of your catalogs.

Brad Kartel is a marketing executive whose passion is helping business owners build their campaign through catalog printing. Learn how to create catalogs.

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