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This statement is redundant for a business that has a set clientele and buys everyday, for example, a hot dog stand that sells hot dog for the past 10 years in a corner of specific street in Manhattan!

However, if you are not running one of those businesses, then you can be rest assured that like other businesses, your business needs marketing. The quantum of marketing can be determined by the size of the business and the nature of the industry. Here is a few situations which shows marketing making a difference in various business types.

Small businesses: Small businesses are likely to have a niche in place and are likely to need marketing to create a name for them. In fact, small businesses need marketing to be both creative and within budgets. Marketing for small businesses is tough but there is no way that business can grow without some creative marketing.

Small businesses need marketing and most of the ideas are likely to come from the business owners themselves. The marketing ideas can be innovative and be a bit risky as well in small businesses to attract attention. Marketing plans in small businesses are also quite agile to change and business owners tend to work with a good deal of flexibility in their marketing plans.

Medium sized businesses: Medium sized businesses are likely to be one-time small businesses that did well and expanded their operations.

Medium size businesses use marketing activities such as customer out-reach programs, Postcard mailing, Promotional materials, event planning and other engagement points help medium sized businesses in sustaining their clientele to the next level. Marketing also includes developing new service lines within the businesses based on the customer trends and business environment.

Marketing for medium sized businesses are likely to require a marketing division to help them review business data and benchmark with competitors in order to determine the best possible way to market the business. With more budgets than the small businesses, medium sized business can look at a wide range of marketing options, run trials and then choose methods that work well for them.

Large businesses: as a layperson, it is easy to assume that marketing activities for large businesses must be easy as they do not have budget constraints. The opposite is however true. Large businesses have it tougher as they have to manage an external presence of the brand and then work their marketing plan within the perimeter of it all.

Large businesses need marketing more than ever since their requirements are quite stringent and need a detailed understanding of their client and past marketing activities. In fact, for consumer facing businesses, marketing becomes a tough challenge as a small misstep can have a major backlash.

However, having said that, such large organizations still run huge marketing divisions and have a wide range of marketing activities on the go. Take away that division, and you are likely to see a significant slide in brand positioning and sales.

So as mentioned earlier, until and unless you have a business that either has a never-changing set of clientele (which sounds unrealistic) or just one client that supplies all the work you need, there is no way on earth you can grow your business without a relevant MARKETING team.

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