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  • Author Jim Brown
  • Published December 2, 2011
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Many of us love shined shoes, but never make time anymore since you have to keep doing it week after week. Recently, a product called SKUFF Protective Coatings was introduced. As opposed to applying a wax paste polish with brushes and sponges, SKUFF allows you to apply a clear protective finish to shoes that adds shine and can last for years. This way, you protect shoes from dirt and stains besides adding a long lasting shine, so they STAY looking great.

Polishing shoes has never been a very exciting thing to do - more like a chore for those who go to the trouble . Conventional polish has been around since before any of us, and it's still the best thing available. Not anymore! Wax polishes can take you hours to apply right, you need all sorts of supplies like brushes and towels, and you'll have to keep applying them every week to keep your shoes looking good. At the same time, you can get some SKUFF now, apply it once, you're shoes will look great, and it will last for months and even years...seriously!

SKUFF is the longest lasting shoe shine available today, because it was designed for protecting shoes. It was designed by engineers to be tough - a tough, long lasting, shoe shine. It's really a tough, shoe shine that keeps your shoes looking clean and new. In addition to adding shine to shoes, SKUFF will protect them from getting dirty, damaged, and stained. It's tough enough for protection, so the shine won't wear off easily anytime soon. Polish and protection all in one, relatively easy and inexpensive shoe polish. New shoes that stay looking brand new. A shoe polish that lasts years. I must admit, I was pretty excited to hear about this one.

Your shoes will stay polished and looking new for years after applying SKUFF once. After SKUFF is applied, shoes won't get wet, dirty, stained, or scuffed. It's because SKUFF doesn't sink in, wear off, or dissolve when wet like other products do. The added protection from SKUFF keeps your shoes polished, cleaner, drier, and looking brand new week in and week out. You may even end up throwing your shoes away before you have to reapply SKUFF and polish your shoes again! How's that for "long lasting?"

Applying SKUFF is where it really gets good. It's available in applicators that you can practically draw with - they're precise enough to apply SKUFF to some parts of shoes and not others. In other words, you can shine a portion of your shoe or the whole thing. You can even get creative with it and apply it in designs so your shoe looks custom made. The process is almost fun compared to all the brushes and daubers you use while applying polish.

SKUFF is an excellent choice for most people who love shoes and want to keep them looking good. It has real potential as the best shoe polish and shoe shine available. Yet, it's good for so much more than just polishing shoes. If you want a heavy duty waterproofer, stain repellent, or want to safeguard shoes from scuff marks, SKUFF is an excellent choice. In order to get SKUFF, all you have to do is go the site or search for SKUFF Protective Coatings. SKUFF is the best shoe shine you can find on the market today...hands down.

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