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  • Author Nguyen Kinh Luan
  • Published November 30, 2011
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Almost every Internet user is familiar with Youtube – the leading video sharing network. Youtube

is able to make you well-known all over the world after just one night. Millions of people have

become famous by making various types of videos. And obviously, money will flow into your

pocket once you are famous, in one way or another. Companies will look after you and offer you

their sponsorship to advertise products. Even Youtube itself has a revenue sharing program for

its notable members.

For us – the online marketers – this is an effective channel to promote your products. So what

elements are needed for a video to spread at lightning speed? Let’s find out!

Firstly, be aware that we are online product marketers, not talented individuals who show off

incredible skills (singing, dancing, playing music, and performing magic tricks …) in order to

become famous. The uniqueness and strong emotions often make the video widespread over

the Internet. And make sure you have a director’s mindset to produce good videos. This is in

fact very easy so you should invest some time to learn it on movie forums. You should choose

the topic, film, then edit … all by yourself. These are totally within your reach.

Always remember that the effectiveness of video marketing is directly proportional to the sales

revenue from the website, as well as the number of visitors who come to the website to view

product information.

You don’t need to be very pretty. You only need to have the ability to speak, a decent sense of

humor, the ability to attract your audience and so on, your videos will be very impressive. You

can also find a partner who possesses the skills above. And never forget that a good video must

be directed by you yourself.

Do not exaggerate your product on the advertisements or try to cite the media praises as well

as criticisms about it. Even though your purpose is to advertise your product, always try to focus

on consumers’ experience and be honest about the product. Of course, advertising is an art

in which you need to show evidences to make the audience rest assured about the value and

quality of your product. Analyzing a sample product in deep details is the good thing to do.

Editing and staging a video is undoubtedly a very important part. Try to combine speeches and

products images in the video. Do not focus too much on your prettiness and bore your viewers

with that video.

Nowadays, digital cameras often have the functionality to record HD videos. Even a mid-end

mobile phone is capable of doing that well enough. In addition, you can get a free edition of the

video editing software that is able to run smoothly on your average computer. That should be all you need to make a video. You will rich with my website

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