Five Factors To Consider When Choosing A Reputable Brand Brabantia Ironing Board

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  • Published December 1, 2011
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Ironing is often considered an unpleasant and tiresome chore, especially if you don’t have a high quality brand Brabantia ironing board that may make pressing a bit more pleasant. There are various types of ironing tables available in the market, so it may be hard to make the right purchase. Before you choose an ironing board, consider the following factors: size, weight, height, cover design and extra features.


Depending on your ironing habits, it is possible to choose from small, medium and large ironing tables. Small lightweight models are suitable for those who iron once in a while and look for space savvy solutions. In such cases a reputable brand Brabantia ironing board featuring solid frames may come handy for occasional touch ups but not full-sized linens. Medium size models are great solutions for small families who need to iron quite often and therefore need proper surface for fast ironing. Finally, if you iron on a regular basis and have enough room, opt for models in large size for easier and more effective ironing.

Height and weight

It is necessary to consider such factors as height and weight when choosing the most suitable model. If you rotate between standing and sitting when ironing, don’t hesitate to buy portable ironing tables that can be adjusted to different heights. It may be a good idea to opt for a superior brand Brabantia ironing board that can be seamlessly adjusted to four different heights which makes it a great solution for all the family members. It is important to point out that lightweight ironing boards are made from special metal which makes them easier to set up, fold and move from one place to another.

Cover design

When shopping for new ironing boards, pay attention to cover designs and padding. There are different cover designs combined with lacquered frames to complement various interiors. It is advisable to choose models featuring reflective or non-stick surfaces, so, covers made from cotton with resilient foam/viscose underlays may become great solutions. Remember that leading brand Brabantia ironing board covers come with good padding essential for great results.

Extra features

If you want to benefit from extra convenience and safety, consider the following features: linen racks, ergonomic steam iron rests, stable worktops and child locks. If you don’t have enough place for linen on your ironing board, models with linen racks that fold out automatically may come handy. It is interesting to note that contemporary manufacturers offer models with metal steam iron rests suitable for right and left-handed ergonomic use. When choosing a reputable brand Brabantia ironing board, make sure it features a child lock that prevents the ironing table from collapsing accidentally. To sum up, ironing is often a tiresome chore that requires a lot of effort and time, but sturdy yet lightweight ironing tables may make the process a bit easier. No matter what iron you currently use or what is the size of your room, it is possible to find an ideal solution, if you keep in mind such factors as size, height, weight, cover design and additional features you want to take advantage of.

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