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  • Published December 6, 2011
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Press release writing is impossible if you think that you don't have anything newsworthy to offer. However, it's the job of a professional press release service to find the news in your company, organization, service or product, and there are a number of different ways that this can be done. In fact, there a so many different types of press releases that it would be more difficult to find reasons NOT to submit one. Regardless of how run-of-the-mill you think your business might be, there is a press release writing and distribution strategy that will work for you. The following are the most common types of news releases:

*Website Launch

If you've recently launched a new website or dramatically redesigned one, there's plenty of news value in that event alone. A website launch press release can be used to let current and potential customers know that they can conduct business with you online. This type of news release will often describe the uses and benefits of the website, as well as information about the company behind it.

*Expert Positioning

You can position someone as an expert within an industry or as a media contact person. For instance, an employee that recently obtained a specialized degree, the promotion of an individual to a highly skilled post, or the introduction of a public relations or media contact person to the press are all good reasons to issue an expert positioning press release.

*Awards, Certificates and Honors

If you, your employees or anyone in your organization receives an award, a certificate for specialized training or honors for academic, volunteer, charity or other honors, a press release is warranted. This helps to showcase you and your associates as educated, skilled and exemplary members of the community while generating publicity for your business at the same time.

*Special Events

Special events are news by their very nature -something that's only happening for a limited time - one of the best forms of news out there. This includes sales events, dinners, auctions, contests, grand openings, ground breaking and much more.

*Staff and Management Changes or Promotions

Press release writing can inform of changes in staff or management. This can include promotions or lateral moves within a company or organization, the hiring of a new skilled employee, or the takeover of a new or established business by new management. You can also have a press release written to announce the retirement or resignation of an important employee or executive.

*New Products or Services

If you have launched a new product or service, that's news. However, remember to make sure that your release doesn't turn into advertising. It's a simple news announcement that you're making - describe the product and what makes it new, what it offers and so on without making it sound like a sales pitch. This can be difficult to do and in some cases you'll need the assistance of a press release service.

*Expanded Products or Services

Products or services that have significantly changed or been enhanced or expanded may provide material for a press release. But as with new products or services, a news release should never be an advertisement.

*Charity Work

Meaningful charity work may warrant a press release. Examples of this include businesses or individuals that work in soup kitchens, volunteer at homeless shelters, host dinners, collect and/or distribute Christmas gifts, holiday turkeys, or when a large donation is made that benefits the community or those associated with the business.

*General News

Press release writing can target any kind of newsworthy event. As long as the information is relevant, timely and written in the proper format, it can be considered news. Press release services can help you to develop a story that will garner genuine interest, prepare the release and follow accepted practices for press release distribution.

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