How to make the most from Black Friday deals

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  • Published December 4, 2011
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It’s the official start of the Christmas shopping season and traditionally one of the busiest days of the year in stores across the country, but the one question every bargain hunter wants to find an answer to as Thanksgiving approaches is a simple one: how to make the most from Black Friday deals?

Many stores release details of some of their Black Friday bargains in advance, though the best deals are usually a closely guarded secret. In either case, it is often worth visiting the store in advance or browsing the website to get an idea of what you are most interested in.

Investing a little time in this way will mean that, once the deals are announced, you’ll be able to go straight to the relevant page of the website or corner of the store without being distracted on the way. Speaking of distractions, if at all possible children should always be left at home.

Although there are bargains galore on Black Friday, not all that glitters is gold. In the run up to the big day you should make a note of the current prices of the items you are most interested in so you’ll know right away just how much of a bargain you are actually getting. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment, only to later realize that your latest buy is not such a great deal after all.

It may also be worth checking in advance that the return policy of the store you which to buy from will not be affected by Black Friday. That way, if you get caught up in the fever and snap up a bargain which you later regret, you’ll know you’ll be able to get your money back, or at the very least a store credit.

Online deals are usually released in the early hours of the morning – around 2.00AM – but the exact time will depend on your location compared to that of the head office of the store. Be sure to allow for any local time difference otherwise you might miss out. Traffic to the site is likely to be heavy so be prepared for pages to take longer than usual to load.

With so much competition, you’re unlikely to come away with the once-in-a-lifetime doorbuster deal, but if you really have your heart set on one or two particular items it’s a good idea to visit your local store well in advance to get a firm idea of the interior layout. You also need to be prepared to queue up for several hours – maybe even days – ahead of opening time. You may also want to take a shopping buddy along so you can split up and head to different sections, maximizing your chances of getting both bargains.

Though you may be tempted to travel light, taking some snacks and water with you will mean you’ll be able to keep going rather than being forced to take some precious time out of your shopping spree to get something to eat.

As you carry out your research to find out how to make the most from Black Friday deals, be sure to sign up for any reward programs or customer clubs the stores you visit offer as these can often provide extra discounts or valuable perks such as free shipping. You’ll also want to check your local papers which not only carry ad showing where all the sales are but may also have coupons giving you even more money off.

Black Friday only comes once a year and each season offers the promise of finding new and better deals online. For the best Black Friday deals, discounts, and coupons, please visit, the best website around to find latest Black Friday coupons.

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