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  • Published December 13, 2011
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A business professor and a keynote speaker at the University of Michigan, David Ulrich has been a guru in the field of human resources for some time, but his latest book "The Why of Work: How Extreme Leaders Build Abundant Organizations That Win" has opened a much wider avenue for him as a scholar and expert. It touches a broad but critical topic of leadership in modern organizations that centers on creating meaning for employees, customers and shareholders. It is a different plan in this domain which is lured about creating value or additional precisely the money part, however, this renowned fellow opines about the executive training program by linking the two effects together.

What is this meaning in the context of work? Dave Ulrich refers in his book to a universal desire that is common to every human being of wanting to live a life worth living. As such an important part of our daily life is spent either in offices or doing work remotely; we need to make certain that what we do gives us a sense of not only financial or social satisfaction, but a deeper meaning. This is normally achieved by just raising the money in the form of perks and incentives, gift certificates and other benefits for a short term thing. David demands to generate a job culture which clubs together special effects like productivity, profitability and other effects like creating a fine environment at the workplace for the employees.

David who organizes myriad executive programs and leadership training sessions across the globe has given a different name to this sort of business. He refers them as abundant organizations. He calls upon putting values for customers, stakeholders, employees and community as well since everybody has their contribution in getting the proper kind of returns you get from the business . Creating usefulness for customers is a familiar concept. It is about developing great products or services at intense prices, giving people or businesses something they could not get anywhere else or if they could, it was not worth its money. Value for shareholders is clear too. It is additional approximately adding values to your finance of your business by incorporating productivity, profits, creativity and a fine team with a right potential .

Where David Ulrich differs from similar business said leaders and motivational speakers is in bringing in two extra ingredients. Firstly, he says that the business organizations are here to contribute for the community and at large to the society . This should be addressed appropriately rather than mere making money and profit. The companies are required to seek ways they have gained a lot, like making a quality jobs, adding attraction of an area or coming up with solutions which makes your life good. The second ingredient is offering employees a usefulness proposition, as this executive experience expert calls it.

It speaks around thinking beyond good salaries and short lived perks given by the management consulting in the workplace, instead efforts should be put to get a sense of identity, the pride and the liberty what people get from their personal lives. It means establishing situation that allow people to learn, grow and expand talent as well as make normal contributions to a bigger cause.

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