What We Need to Know about Solar Power Systems and what’s The Next Step

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  • Author Jim Gressel
  • Published December 8, 2011
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Solar energy is everywhere because it comes from the Sun. Solar power can be used to produce electricity, to heat water and air around you. With all that can be done with solar energy you have to wonder why we have not done more in this field. We can use it for almost anything, and it will cost a fraction of what we are paying now for energy. We can make a huge difference by doing our part by installing a solar power system in our homes. Whether you install a grid tie or an off grid solar power system, let’s budget as much as possible, and watch our savings grow!

Let’s talk about the main solar systems parts and how they work together…….

Solar Module

The solar module panels are the first step in retrieving and converting the Sun’s rays to usable DC (direct current) electricity. This piece of equipment is produced using a grouping of tempered glass, photovoltaic (solar) cells, sealing material and an aluminum frame. They have just two cables coming off the back side, and those being one positive (+) lead and one (-) negative lead. All high quality solar modules have what are called by-pass diodes installed. These diodes are attached in a way that impedes any tendency for hot spots to form because of modules shading. This is an incredibly important step to help eliminate the opportunity of electrical fires and or absolute module failure. The very best way to have these diodes installed is to incorporate them within the module themselves and not in the junction box. To this date, only one manufacturer wires them in such a manner. These modules are in turn hooked together in a certain manner and number, so as to produce the voltage/amperage current required for the home.

Power Inverter / Charge Controller

The solar power inverter; be it on grid (grid tied) or off grid is the unit that your solar module panels hook up to where the DC power is converted to AC (alternating current). This power is of the identical nature type of that is fed in to your home by your utility company.

The charge controller is used when you install solar batteries to power your home/building when the skies are cloudy and night time power backup. The batteries used need to be charged in a manner so as to help extend the battery’s life and keeps them from either over or under charging.

Solar produced energy does not pollute our skies at all, and never will. Although we need to look at all forms of energy, solar is definitely one that will be around as long as the Sun is shinning.

Currently the cost of buying and installing solar power systems is pretty high, but is lowering with every passing day. Even if we can start with a small system, we can add to it as we can afford it. Look for a good company that is willing to help you with your system selection and will pay attention to your needs. Don’t just look at the ‘large’ companies with the fancy websites and brochures, because sometimes they can not give you the personal attention as a smaller local company. Solar power systems can be as expensive as automobiles for residential homes, so you want to get plenty of quotes.

SolarVolt Power is a micro manufacturer of solar modules, and is centrally located in the United States in the city of Yukon, Oklahoma; a close neighbor of Oklahoma City. We sell both wholesale and retail our own solar modules and other high quality solar products. solarvoltpower@sbcglobal.net

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