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Why choose private guided safari tours?

It's the valuable dream of many people to spend a vacation in the wild life of the animal kingdom. Travel, have fun, and watch the animals, of different kinds and species, in their normal natural everyday life. Can we imagine the life of the Tarzan, this fictional character who spent most of his life living with animals watching them and learning from their skills and abilities? We offer you the chance to become a Tarzan for a number of your days that you choose.

We provide you with the chance to spend a marvelous vacation that is totally different than any other trips you have ever been to. The private guided safari tours are designed to suit the needs of all travelers especially children who are usually fond of different animals. You will be visiting the animals in their own house and they will offer you with scenes and experiences that you will never observe in any other place in the world.

Why introduce the animals, their characteristics, and abilities to your kids in a book or through television? Why don't you take them to a trip to watch these animals in their natural environment? Isn’t it a trip that your children would never forget? Isn’t it fabulous to watch various types of animals running and jumping around you while you observe them from your car or walk among them.

Private guided tours are the best choice while traveling to a country for the first time. You and all the members of your group will be accompanied by the best experienced easy going travel guides with high education and top class English language and communication skills.

A tour guide is your best friend while you are on a vacation. A wise traveler always says" it is important where to travel to, its important where to stay while you are traveling, while its extremely important to choose the best tour guides that a destination has to offer". This is why we offer you the most superlative tour guides and services.

The key word in "private guided tours" is the word "privacy". You will have the privacy required for you and all your beloved people to spend a vacation of your dreams with a great feeling of privacy and coziness. Feel free to do what ever you want and explore every single element of the destination you are traveling to in your own style and pace. This will enable you to enjoy your vacation to the max and do all the activities you wish in the perfect setting.

We pledge to offer you the best services, facilities, transportation means, and accommodation in the destination country. We grantee you will have a special trip with your friends and family that you will never forget.

About Kenya

Kenya is a country located in Eastern Africa and the lands of the nation is spread from latitudes 5 to the north of the equator to latitudes 30 and 40 to its south. The Eastern borders of Kenya are situated on the Indian Ocean and Uganda from the west, Tanzania from the south, Ethiopia and Sudan from the North, and Somalia from the South East direction.

The most important cities in Kenya include Nairobi, the capital, Mombasa located on the Indian Ocean, and Kisumu situated on Victoria Lake.

The climate of Kenya is featured with the tropical model but it largely depends on the specific location of each city and region. It is hot and humid in the costal region while get colder in the mountains area. In the North, the county turns into a desert region. This is why most of the inhabitants of Kenya live near the Indian Ocean cost and near the mountains.

Tourism plays an important role in the economical life as it is the most valuable source of national income of Kenya as thousands of tourists come to visit the country to watch wild animals and photograph them. Numerous travelers and tourists come to visit Kenya to go on safari trips every year.

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