What Blog Marketing Can and Cannot Do

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  • Author Nguyen Kinh Luan
  • Published January 20, 2012
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Blog marketing aims to reach mainstream and other highly segmented audiences, shaping how businesses of today operate. Because these companies realize the dynamics of corporate blogging, they have joined the bandwagon and instigated their own blogs. There are specific reasons why companies choose this avenue. First, blogs provide an avenue to connect with the consumers who are also the end-users of both products and services. Thus, blogs are the place where the companies and the consumers meet, a place where the exchange of knowledge, feedback and information takes place and in a non-bureaucratic manner. Second, blogs also provide an avenue where the company can make product- and services-related announcements free of charge. With this, the companies are able to market new products and services as well as their events.

Blog marketing, however, is not always good since it is susceptible to defamation and other liabilities as well as other consequences. Defamation basically relates to false claims which may eventually lead to damages or negative impressions to other parties. Individual companies are free to express their own opinions which may hurt other companies and the consumers themselves. Having said this, there could be political agendas behind blog marketing that the companies need to be aware of. For instance, the company must avoid blogging against its competitors and their products.

When the blog platform is used properly, it can lead to greater profits. The blog itself can generate profits in terms of traffic and can generate profits through the products and services displayed and discussed on the blog. With this, there is a need for a blog site to have a theme that will stand out among the rest. It could be niche-specific, for instance, allowing quality content. Quality content is the secret for corporate blogging as it wide readership. Other than this, quality content is favorable when it comes to search engines. Quality content directly relates to useful information, hence blogs with quality content have more visits than those that do not have unique content.

There are various ways by which you can create quality content. While the goal is to make the blog as professional as you can, blogs must cater to the needs of the reader and have rich information. The company has to carefully consider what to put in their blogs. Blog marketing therefore should strike a balance on what the companies want their consumers to know and what consumers should know about the company and its products and services and through niche-specific quality contents.

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