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  • Author Nguyen Kinh Luan
  • Published February 6, 2012
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While many people use blogs as a sounding board for information and their personal life, smart entrepreneurs are finding ways to earn an online profit with a marketing blog. There are many different ways to maximize money online by promoting specific types of products on a consumer blog. The most popular method is to create a blog that reviews products in a particular niche. Writer who choose this option will find that with proper promotion, mainstream companies will actually ship products to the blogger to be used and reviewed. There are a few things to consider when creating a marketing blog.

Choose Products You Actually Use

There is already ample bad information on the internet. Some companies actually spend thousands of dollars creating review sites for their products that are composed of fake reviews. When creating a marketing blog you should consider items that you actually use and are part of your daily life. For example, if you are an automobile enthusiast, then the products you promote should be anything from the right kind of gas additives to the best after market effects. Not only will this help you sound like you know what you are talking about, but it will help build credibility for the product that you are promoting.

Select Affiliate or Drop Shipped Items

When you supply a review for a product, you will likely put in a link where the reader can purchase said product. The best way to make money online from your blog is by reviewing products that offer affiliate programs or offer drop shipping. When a consumer places an order for the product that you reviewed and promoted on your blog, they will then be able to click a link that is associated with your affiliate ID. When a purchase is made, a portion of the sale is profited to you. Affiliate marketing and drop shipping are two successful ways to make money off of product that people are buying every day through your blog.

Marketing is Essential

Promoting a blog is the only way that consumers will be able to find the products you are promoting and the blog as a whole. Many bloggers choose the simple task of creating a free Facebook fan page or Twitter account to market their business. You can use an automated software program to autopost the things that you need. You should vary the posts that you have. Twitter automatically flags posts that continually contain links as spam. Instead, post short quotes, links to your blog, links to other blogs and retweets of those people or business that you follow. You may also want to utilize Google AdWords as part of a low budget marketing campaign for your site.

Turning a product review blog into a money making product is easier than many people think. It does require consistent effort and work, but with regular promotion through social networking the site can quickly rise through the ranks and start generating a consistent profit for the blogger.

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