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  • Published January 28, 2012
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An injury can have a huge affect on your lifestyle whenever it strikes, but when it is the result of something that is not your fault, it can be particularly difficult to accept. Whilst most people suffer financially if they are unable to work, it is also the emotional effects that can be particularly hard to come to terms with, aside from the physical injury itself.

It is not unusual for victims to remain silent as they do not know if they are entitled to make injury compensation claims, understandably you might think that consulting with experts such as solicitors will be expensive and possibly even intimidating. The truth however is that no win no fee lawyers acting as personal injury specialists are trained to be friendly, and offer a free consultation which will help assess whether there is a case to pursue for your accident compensation claim.

Common successful claims include road traffic accidents, injuries resulting from incidents in public areas and accidents at work. In all of these areas it is important to get expert advice on whether an accident compensation claim can be made, and if so to get professional representation in order to be confident you will get the money you deserve to get your life back on track.

Compclaim UK offer free advice throughout the claims process, including whether or not they believe you have a solid case for injury compensation claims. Even if there is no grounds for compensation, the advice from the no win no fee lawyers will be free of charge. To find out more, and provide details of your accident, complete our simple online form or call 0845 053 1601.

You can expect to speak to a member of the team that is highly knowledgeable about the claims process, and will be able to quickly determine whether to proceed with your claim for compensation. The friendly staff are trained to help you understand the step by step process by explaining in clear and jargon free English. If you do not understand anything then let them know, they'll be more than happy to explain again.

For successful accidents, you will always receive 100% of a successful compensation award, without any deduction from the solicitors. Once you have explained the accident details to the member of the team you speak to, you will be able to get an estimate of the likely value of a successful accident compensation claim. Remember that no two accidents are the same, so any award could be more or less than the estimate you receive. A common question is how the solicitors are paid if you receive 100% of the compensation award, and the simple answer is that this is paid by the guilty party on top of your compensation.

You should claim within three years of an accident to be able to qualify for proceeding to injury compensation claims. The length of the process will vary, as the main requirement is to prove negligence by the person or organisation you are claiming from. Once this fault has been established, you will be able to get an approximate time scale to complete the process.

Compclaim is a leading UK law firm with specialized team of solicitors provides assured win over accident compensation claim, injury compensation claims with no win no fee lawyers. Contact our team of experts which will help you out.

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