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  • Published February 11, 2012
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American eagle coin in silver, gold and platinum is one of the most popular bullion investment options. These bullion coins are products of a highly sophisticated process. Each of the silver and gold coin is kept in a plastic enclosure and mounted in a stylish velvet case along with the certificate of authenticity. These Proof coins are made at the US mint and the US government provides guarantee for its weight and purity. Those who want to buy silver, gold or platinum bullion of America can get them directly from the mint. The Uncirculated Coins in gold and silver also are available at the US mint. They are also produced by a similar process and have the "W" marking on them which is of the US mint at West Point. The US mint is accepting orders for silver coins of year 2012. The silver eagle of the US is considered as the most favorite bullion coin the world over due to its assured quality and incomparable elegance. It is made of 99.9% pure silver and the net content of each coin is 1 troy ounce of silver.

The American eagle coin in silver is the only silver bullion that has the guarantee of US government for its weight, purity and metal content. Eagle coins can be encashed at any time. The silver coins are packed in plastic tubes and each tube contains 20 coins. Those who want to buy silver coins in bulk may go for one monster box which will contain 500 coins in 25 tubes. Price of the coins depends on the current market spot price. Premium for each coin also will be added to the price. The silver eagle coins are considered as the cheapest coins among government produced bullion coins. They are made strictly as per standards of US mint and are considered as the most artistically beautiful coins.

There are many independent dealers for the American coins who offer the coins to the public at discounted prices. The US mint distributes the coins among wholesale buyers, investment companies, dealers in precious metals and the independent dealers. The US silver coin was introduced in the year 1986. The greatest advantages of these silver coins are that it is very easy to buy them as well as sell them and they can be used to purchase other goods. Many people buy these silver coins as long term investments. Besides being a precious metal, silver has great industrial demand also. The face value of US silver coin is $1.

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