3-Night SoulArts Retreat Intensive with Ronda at Korakia Pensione!


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  • Published February 12, 2012
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Welcome into this enchanting and sensual retreat for the soul, hosted by the famous Korakia Pensione, where you have the opportunity to engage directly with internationally renowned author-teacher-guide Ronda LaRue, in the art of following your Wisdom Way! ...Come experience your own personal renewal and enchantment of Soul!

I'm IN LOVE! I discovered Korakia "by chance" last winter, and fell hopelessly, heart fully in love with the place, the staff, the magical elegance of Korakia. There is, no doubt, real magic here.

Finding Myself at Korakia: Ronda's Story –

Just before the New Year, I was traveling and giving myself a "meandering day" of inner searching. In my life work as a spiritual teacher and author, I was a bit "spent" from a year of offering retreat training and private apprenticeships. I was feeling a bit soul weary (as we all do at times) and longing for an "escape" trip abroad (to Greece or Italy or Morocco - some place exotic and soulful) to help me reconnect with my own sense of ancient, heart, humanity, and soulful purpose.

At the end of that long day, and too tired to drive home, I literally stumbled upon Korakia by chance. My head turned as I drove down a "wrong road" and a faulty GPS. Thinking the place I drove past was a charming-looking bistro, I turned around and stopped in for a meal. To my utter surprise and delight, I discovered the entrance into a fantastic Mediterranean Villa (complete with old world music, a big tea urn of complementary Moroccan mint tea, fires arising around a crystal clear pool... Ahhh, I was alive with the sensing of simple beauty).

My senses told me that I had entered into someplace very beautiful and mysterious. And I had. Korakia ushered me simply and elegantly into the soul-nourishing renewal with myself that I so longed for. And now I invite you to join me at Korakia, and step into the key to your own wholeness and wisdom way that awaits you this year...

It is with great pleasure and a sense of the "divine mystery at play" that I invite you to join me at Korakia for a special 3-day SoulArts Retreat of renewal, inspiration, meditation, healing insight, and training in the art of following your inner wisdom way.

A glance at our time together (with flexibility for impromptu changes):

• Morning meditation and movement (7-8am-ish - optional but encouraged)

• Breakfast, complements of Korakia

• Morning SoulArts Satsang with Ronda (9:30am-noon-ish)

• Lunch and afternoon free time for inner SoulArts processes (journalism, creating, swimming, being!)

• Pre-dinner SoulArts depth training session with Ronda (3-5pm-ish)

• Dinner with members of group or on own, and private renewal time

• Evening SoulArts processes: guided meditation, healing arts initiation

In collaboration with Korakia, I am thrilled to personally invite you to join me for very special SoulArts group retreat, including three enchanting days and nights at the world-class Korakia Pensione, in Palm Springs California!

Please come ready to enter into a soulful, playful, and deeply life-transforming retreat process with Ronda. For more details, click here: www.ojaisoularts.com/groupretreat2011Korakia1.shtml

Ronda LaRue, M.S.,spiritual author/teacher and healthy lifestyle counselor, is also founder of Center for Soul Arts and the SoulArts Process of Awakening ™.www.ojaisoularts.com/groupretreat2011Korakia1.shtml

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