San Diego Divorce Attorneys and the Role They Play


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  • Published February 19, 2012
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Divorce is a complicated matter, especially when children are involved. San Diego Family Law Lawyers are the specialists that represent husband or wife through the divorce process. When children are involved in a divorce, it is imperative that a San Diego Divorce Attorney be hired to represent each party involved.

There are many factors that will need to be determined when it comes to the best interest of the children. While both parents may love the child or children, typically, there is one parent that is better suited for the child. The courts will take into consideration who is best for the child by determining such factors as:

• Which parent is most capable of providing love to the child, and the existing emotional bonds between the child and the parents.

• Which home will provide the child with the quality of life that they are accustomed to and which home will be most capable of encouraging a nurturing relationship with the other parent.

• Which parent will be best able to care for the child in terms of medical care, clothing and food.

• Which parent is more morally fit to raise the child.

• Which parent the child would prefer to live with.

In the past, it was typical for the woman to be awarded custody of the children, and the man to have visitation rights. This is not so much the case, today, and often times parents will share custody of the children right down the middle. This means that one parent will have the child 50 percent of the time, and the other parent the other 50 percent of the time.

How to Choose a San Diego Family Law Attorney

Choosing a San Diego Family Law Attorney should be done through research. It is important that you find a lawyer that has the expertise to ensure that your rights are fully protected and that you have the best representation.

A San Diego Divorce Attorney that represent clients in a divorce proceeding in which children are involved should have years of experience in child custody. In some divorces, child support and visitation are not the only issues, spousal support plays a role, as well, and the San Diego Divorce Lawyer should also have years of experience in spousal support.

Other issues that the San Diego D Attorney will handle is presenting a fair distribution of the property of the couple. The courts will make the final decision, but it is the role of the attorneys to present a fair distribution of the assets in the marriage.

San Diego Divorce Attorneys are not just for couples with children. They are for every couple that is facing a divorce. When a couple is going through the process of a divorce, having the proper legal representation is essential, and San Diego Divorce Attorneys are the assurance that parties involved in the divorce have to ensure that they are fairly awarded and that they have the support that they need through the divorce process, which can be a trying time.

San Diego Divorce Lawyer is necessary, especially when children are involved. San Diego Family Law Lawyers should have years of experience in family law.

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