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  • Author May Zhi
  • Published February 25, 2012
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I am a person that loves to travel. I have already listed my top three places to visit in my lifetime. These three places are Paris, Japan and Hong Kong. As of now, I don't have much but I would gladly save up for my travel plans to come true. The first place I'm going to visit will be definitely Hong Kong since Paris is the farthest and it will cost me a fortune to go to Japan, not to mention that the Japanese embassy is so strict.

Hong Kong is just the right place for me for the moment. It is not that costly and it's just a 4 to 5 hour travel by plane. Although Japan is nearer, I still can't afford the expenses. After I graduate, approximately 3 years from now, I will have enough money to stay their for about 6 months. While I'm in Hong Kong, I want to have my own place. So that means I will be renting a Hong Kong property. I don't really like staying at hotels. Living in my own property makes me feel like not leaving my home town. Of course I have taken into consideration about renting a Hong Kong property.

While I'm there, I will not miss the opportunity of eating their delicacies and shopping. Visiting Sheung Wan District is one of my priorities, there are really many things to do here and you can find some strange and at the same time fascinating items here. I would also love to go to the Central district and climb the tallest skyscraper(if I can) and watch the view of the harbors, may it be day or night. I was thinking of renting a Hong Kong property at the Central because I would really love to see the city light up at night. It will look so magnificent together with it's harbors. I could just sit inside my flat and just look at the city light shine.

I will also be looking forward to eating Peking Duck there because I heard that they serve one of the best Peking ducks in the world! I sure hope so since the Pecking duck in our place is not that tasty. I really need to save a lot since shopping is on my list and I should not forget about the souvenirs for my family and friends.

Writing this piece is really making me excited! I should remind my self to save to buy a property but never starve myself. I am really looking forward to this trip. And soon, when I will have a professional job, I will conquer Paris and Japan!

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