Golf GPS Reviews: Do You Genuinely Need a Golf GPS /Golf Range finder?

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  • Published March 6, 2012
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Why look at golf GPS systems?

Whether you are playing on the home course or have a penchant for trying out the lush green courses of foreign lands, you will discover that selecting the right club and getting the correct distance can makes a world's difference to your game. This is exactly where a GPS can come in the handy; the device will tell you precisely where you are on the course.

The alternative entails a cumbersome search for the yardage marker ahead of carrying out every shot which might not be to the liking of most golfers. If you are playing with a four-ball who enjoys searching for the marker before they determine out their following shot, possibilities are that you may possibly end up playing the 4 hour round for a good 5 1/2 hours or more.

With a golf GPS, you will not have to battle with getting the distance to a fairway bunker or even the layup. Even if you are only a hobby player, this data alone can help you to shave off several strokes from your game. A great number of models can also offer accurate distance information on each shot; this can help you immensely in selecting the ideal golf club for the job.

So, if that has made you sit up and take notice, you are probably questioning how the best golf GPS functions?

Golf GPS systems are no different from a standard global positioning system used for navigation; each derive feed from satellites orbiting the world to provide exact info about your current point in reference to a specific point. In this case, the player is shown the precise yardage in front of, middle and back of the green while some units in addition have extra features that aid the player track the distance to obstacles such as water and bunker. More advanced units may even be capable to offer information on wind speed and direction.

Why really should you have a golf GPS?

Accuracy: As opposed to your instincts which could possibly falter from time to time, compelling you to walk off distances, a golf GPS offer exact yardage from the position at which your golf ball lies. This guide can make or break your game whether you are an amateur or a seasoned player.

Golf club choice: Let's consider the examples of a possible 100 yard shot for which most beginners would instantly reach for their 100 yard club. With a golf GPS, you will be able to find that the distance to the flag is a mere 80 yards or even much more than 100 yards, would you still choose the 100 yard golf club for the shot? The combination of distance info and selecting the right club can go a very long way in aiding you nail the perfect shot.

Hazards: Once faced with a hazard on the course, most players ponder long and hard over whether or not to go for it or layup. With a GPS unit, considering you will know the precise distance to the bunker or other obstacle, including the length to the front of the hazard and over it, you will be ready to make a call without having very much hassle. A golf GPS device can aid you to deal with some of your handicaps and improve your game.

The right feel: Most golfers depend on sheer gut instinct and actual physical feel to know how far they hit each club. This can generate ambiguity about the exact distance that can be covered when taking a specific golf club in the bag. For instance, a lot of rookies may perhaps think that they can readily scale 150 yards with a particular club but with a golf range finder they may well find that they are only doing 135 or 140 at best. This data can assist you significantly to hit more precise shots.

Confidence: Most people have heard that a great shot is 75% ability and 25% confidence that the golfer has in producing the shot. With exact knowledge about the yardage and the golf club to be taken at your finger tips, you will find that you will feel far more assured when taking the shot and this can make a big difference to your game. Whilst golf GPS units are incredibly convenient devices that merit a suggestion to professionals and amateurs alike, it is crucial to acknowledge that the device cannot actually take on the shot for you. In other words, the information that the golf range finder offers will only assist when utilised correctly. However, if you do so, you will see a marked advancement in your game and will become a more self reliant golfer.

Play better golf and reduce your handicap with Golf GPS systems or a Golf Range Finder.

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