Entertaining with Tabletop Lazy Susans: Serving Options

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  • Author Becca Summers
  • Published February 24, 2012
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Entertaining in today’s world is all about how to do it bigger and better than the last person. In some homes the bigger just isn’t possible, but with tabletop lazy susans you can always make it better. Some entertaining areas just aren’t big enough for the amount of people invited or food being served.

The large dinner party setting can be fairly tricky with passing food around the table making sure the food is hot without burning little hands along the way. The best option in this case is a large tabletop lazy susan will make it easy to pass the hot food to everyone on the table with out having to touch it and burn fingers. The best way to pick the size for your tabletop is to set the table with your dishes and cups leaving room in the middle of the table for your lazy susan. You will want to leave about eight inches from the cup to the lazy susan. So measure from cup to cup across the middle of the table then subtract sixteen inches and that will be the best size for your table.

The causal gathering with snacks is always fun but you don’t want to be spending your whole time worrying about where the food is and making sure everyone can reach it. The best option for this is a two tiered tabletop lazy susan. You will be able to place the two tiered lazy susan on a table, counter or coffee table to almost double the space you have without taking up to much space. Not only will it look nice it keeps everything nice and organized.

The buffet style gathering where you want or need to serve a whole meal but don’t have the table space for everyone to sit down. This often happens with very large groups and the entertain area gets really cramped especially where the food is. The best option of this situation is a smaller tabletop lazy susan, you can put all of your condiments in one spot and your guest can turn it to get what they need quickly without having to reach around someone else. This will keep the line moving quickly and get hungry people their food fast. Or you could use it for the desert bar, getting the most out of a small space. If someone wants the other brownie you don’t have to take up all the space of having all of the flavors displayed individually they can now be combined and it will look even more appetizing.

Whether you are planning a large sit down dinner, gathering with snacks or buffet style tabletop lazy susans can really come in handy. When they are not being employed for your parties you can keep them in a cabinet to keep things neat and organized. They are great for serving food to your friends and family and will let you enjoy the party as much as they do.

Becca Summers has always loved kitchen décor and lazy susans. She currently helps run a website that sells a variety of lazy susans.

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