How Did We Get Ourselves In This Mess?


  • Author Pedro Gonzalez
  • Published March 18, 2012
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This is a question that I would like us to think about today. Not to torment ourselves about the current situation, but to learn from it. One of the problems I see constantly in the financial news is the incessant desire to know when are we going to end this recession. The media worried about what should we called this period; "The Great Recession", "The Big Bust"; who cares. The right question that we must be asking ourselves is, What are we going to do different?

To answer that question, we must be able to determine how we got here. What drove this blessed nation into the brink of ruin. If we do not ask ourselves this question, we are bound to fail. One of the main question we must ask our politicians is what is going to be done different. What do politicians have in mind to not only get us out of the recession but to prevent this from happening again. Otherwise, we will be heading towards the same results. There is no other way around it; same actions leads to the same results.

Our society was promoting greed as an acceptable behavior. Desiring more at all cost. Marketing companies have been bombarding us with their catchy ads to tell us "what we should aspire" and presenting an illusion of wealth that was distorted. We created an industry of a fantasy world that we call "Reality TV"; how real is it? These reality shows have achieved to influence the poor minds of people by selling them the idea of what they are missing or what they should have. Instead they are bringing into our homes the wrong kind of values and the wrong kind of role models for us and our children. It is sad to see how many of families measure themselves to these people, people that instead of idolizing we should feel sorry for them. We should feel sorry, since they have become puppets of the media and advertising companies. The only way to help these people and our families is to turn our TV to another channel or turn off the TV; we must stop giving importance to those shows.

Remember, greed is never good. Never allow that idea to be sold to you and your family members. Greed in fact is a vice and never a virtue. It is a disease that will consume you and will destroy you. It takes the focus of the financial market's to an extreme level self-interest without restrain. It takes the focus of the good that can be achieved with wealth and instead force someone to intensify other vices that in the end will destroy you.

"And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep"

2 Peter 2:3

We need to take this time to reflect about what got us into this mess. We must ask the important questions and stop worrying about when are we going to get out of the recession. We must learn from our past mistakes and make the necessary corrections. The leaders of this nation must stop their political games and serving their interest groups and put the interest of the people of this nation first.

Pedro Gonzalez

Husband, Father. Author. Coach, Business and Financial Consultant. Incisive interest in wealth building and personal development


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