Is Late Term Abortion Appropriate?

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  • Published March 19, 2012
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A late term abortion is actually a right and requirement for individuals in need. The advancement in medical technology has provided the opportunity for women to undergo safe late term abortions who meet the criteria of the pregnancy being a threat to the woman's life or health of if there is a fetal genetic defect or significant fetal abnormality. This is definitely an choice any individual has the right to make, and should remain available without exception. This is the woman's choice to override those of the unborn fetus, if her life or health are at stake..

Late term abortions remain a challenge in the legal sense, and the laws and regulations encompassing it transform from time to time and are generally frequently influenced by the political landscape. The argument often surrounds the fact of whether or not a fetus is viable at the time of abortion, as some consider abortion a murderous act. The "Roe" Supreme Court held that a fetus is not a person and consequently abortion is not murder. As a result the rationale why States are making an attempt to pass laws to say that conception not only is the starting point of human life, but is also the beginning of personhood which will make the "Roe" conclusion irrelevant.

Furthermore, the viability of the fetus must be resolved which has typically occurred prior to the patient being referred to the physician or abortion clinic where the late term abortion is going to be performed. . It has generally been determined that the genetic fetal defects or abnormalities are incompatible with life, or the mother's life or health is so compromised, that terminating the pregnancy exceeds the health risks of the pregnancy continuing.

Late term abortions are marked by controversy even to some inside the pro-choice movement. Since late term abortion is very tightly governed it seems apparent that the graphic of any woman awakening in her 24th week of pregnancy and choosing to have an abortion on impulse is rare because she probably wouldn't be legally able to acquire a lawful abortion.

Late term abortions are essentially vital to women's reproductive wellness. Antenatal fetal diagnosis screening and tests such as amniocentesis, are predicated on the accessibility of induced abortion. While procedures including chorionic villus sampling and early amniocentesis have permitted earlier diagnosis, by the time outcomes of mid trimester amniocentesis or sonography can be obtained, a woman may be beyond 24 weeks' pregnancy.

Diseases of women and fetal flaws cause demands for late abortions. Late term abortions are lifesaving for women with medical disorders aggravated by pregnancy. Conditions such as Eisenmenger syndrome carry a high risk of maternal morbidity and mortality in pregnancy, the latter ranging from 20% to 30%. Coartation of the Aorta, Marfan's syndrome, antepartum and peripartum congestive heart failure are other reasons to perform a late term abortion to save the woman's life. Cancer may make late abortion necessary. For instance, either radical hysterectomy or radiotherapy for cervical cancer before fetal viability entails abortion.

Incest and sexual assault can also be persuasive indications. Pregnancies as a result of incest amongst young teenagers or involving women with mental impediments could evade discovery until the pregnancy is advanced. Roughly 32000 pregnancies are caused by rape every year within the United States; about 50 % of sexual assault victims obtain no medical assistance, and approximately 1 / 3 do not identify the pregnancy before the second trimester.

Having the lawful choice of a late term abortion is essential to safeguard women who may discover themselves in the detrimental hands of obtaining an abortion by untrained individuals as an alternative to medical doctors. History has demonstrated that we will never prevent women from attempting abortion.

Late term abortions should be rare, legal and safe.

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