Industrial Saw Blades for Superior Cutting Performance

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  • Author Arjun Kapoor
  • Published March 26, 2012
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Industrial saw blades are used as per their requirements and their primary purpose. People use different types of high-strength and high-caliber blades as per the applications and the type of material cutting. This is the reason these industrial blades are highly acclaimed for their superior cutting performance and accurate dimensions. These high-class and superior precision blades are flexible and virtually unbreakable in nature. These saw blades are perfect for the toughest environment and are ideally wear resistance and safe to use.

These saw blades are flexible and made in compliance with the international standards with optimum thickness and length. These are made to perform for the specific cutting operation. Manufacturers particularly make the tips hard with fully integrated Induction heating machine in order to strengthen the teeth and enhance its ability to resist fatigue. Often these blades are used to perform the most basic operations i.e. cutting across the grain and cutting along the grain. This is the reason these are engineered for smooth, chip-free cutting. Its design is extremely heavy-duty and well-balanced offering a long life of the tool.

Most of the time, people use sharp blades for the woodworking. These sharp blades offer a superior cut that leaves a rip-cut saw edge that is smooth. It also run very quietly that offers smooth edges negligible tear outs. However, the blades are selected based on the work like the tough blades are used for curve cutting on porcelain or crystallized glass. These are specifically engineered to avoid chipping, bring smooth edges or minimize damage while working on porcelain.

Under the category of cutting tools, jack planer blades are also highly popular. They are highly acclaimed for the unique features like abrasion resistance, superior cutting performance and uniform hardness. The re-sharpening ability gives a long life to this tough product. These blades are manufactured with superior quality steel strips of C-80 Grade, which offers heavy durability and strength. On the other hand, general purpose blades are also used that also offers smooth and fast cutting through various materials including, but not limited to, concrete curbing, brick or block walls and more.

Most of the saw blades and cutting tools manufacturing firms offer special purpose hacksaw blades, carbon steel, planer blades and jack planer blades for different industrial applications.

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