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Immigration is process that a foreigner has to follow for having a permanent residence or passing a particular country. In a recent survey it has been found that almost 700 million people would like to migrate to some other country if they have an opportunity to do so. According to this survey, more than 45 million people wanted to migrate to Canada. Canada is a beautiful country situated in North America. It is the second largest country in the world according to its total area.

The Canada Immigration firm allows many foreigners to visit their country and even allow many people to reside in their country. The immigration to Canada is a very simple and convenient if you qualify to be a Canadian Citizen. The Canadian Immigration Lawyers are responsible for providing a permanent residence in Canada. The government of Canada is very strict as far as criminal and defense cases are concerned. The government of Canada allows every person to have a Defense lawyer who is allotted to the person by the government. Any person can apply for immigration to Canada which can be for permanent residence, temporary residence or even as refugees.

One of the ten provinces in Canada is Alberta. Alberta province is located in western Canada and it has a population of about 3.7 million monitored till 2010. Alberta is the most populous province in Canada. The capital of Alberta is Edmonton which is the service hub for the country. Edmonton acts as a center to provide resources to northern industries and Canada’s oil stands. It is the second largest city in the province of Alberta and provides the necessary distribution and transportation of goods across the province. Alberta consists of a parliamentary democratic government with a Legislative Assembly which has 83 members. The schools boards and municipal governments are nominated and operated separately from the government. The places where local government and school board coincide are known as "counties" in the province of Alberta.

Edmonton, which is the capital of Alberta consists a seat for provincial government. Immigration to the province of Alberta can be done by applying to the Law Society of Alberta. Alberta immigration lawyers and Edmonton immigration lawyers handle all the immigration requirements of the people residing in the province of Alberta. Since Edmonton is the largest city in the province of Alberta therefore there may be problems regarding the real estate of a person.

The real estate lawyers of Edmonton provide services to the people which are having any real estate problem. These lawyers help the people of Edmonton to protect their real estate and file a case against any harm to their real estate. In case of a criminal offense, the criminal lawyers of Edmonton are very helpful since they provide their clients the necessary legal support and ensure that the clients are treated in a lawful manner.

The Canadian immigration works under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) which allows refugees and immigrants from all over the world to work and reside in Canada. The immigration firm of Canada provides all the necessary information that is required by a person to apply for a temporary or permanent residence of Canada.

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