Your First Child Stroller Buying Guide

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  • Published March 22, 2012
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Your First Child Stroller Buying Guide

There is no easy way of choosing the right child stroller. There are many, many different types available and of course some are better than others. How do we go about choosing a stroller that is right for us?

The price and features of baby strollers can vary a lot. Make sure to check out the features of the infant stroller you intend to buy.

Research Using The Internet

Has the manufacturer recalled the stroller for safety reasons. If so, you might want to reconsider. This is easily done online. Go on-line and check the manufacturers website. Read other owners reviews on Amazon and find out their opinions on that stroller.

Ask Your Friends

Friends can have lots of practical information for you if you are intending to purchase the same type of toddler stroller as them. They can tell you about the good points. They can tell you about the bad points. They can provide you with worthy information. Do not be afraid to ask around. Work colleagues can let others know what you are looking for and then you will be able to find out their experiences with particular types of strollers.

Visit a Stroller Store

This is definitely worth doing. But this can be of limited value.

Ask the staff in the store to let you try out a stroller. They are mostly immensely helpful. Take the stroller for a walk around the store. Test the maneuverability of the toddler stroller inside the store. Will the stroller fit between the isles in the store? Fold the stroller and unfold it. How tricky is the stroller to fold? Is the stroller weighty? Is the stroller too heavy to lift? Can the seat be adjusted straightforwardly?


This is a exceptionally fundamental item to look at. If the manufacturer has trust in the stroller, they will provide a longer term guarantee. Manufacturers do not expect the stroller to break during the guarantee interval. The longer the guarantee, the better. The warranty will ensure that if the stroller does break, the manufacturer will cover the costs of the breakage. Check if there are items the warranty does not cover. Check what is not covered by the warranty. Regular wear and tear is as a rule covered by the guarantee. Theft and some types of other damage might not be covered.

Hiring a Stroller

This is the suited way to accurately test a stroller. This alternative works proper if you do not already own a stroller. When you rent, you can try out lots of different strollers and find their good and bad points. The length of time you rent is totally up to you. simply do this short term as it can get expensive and you would be better off spending the money on a new stroller. Renting a pushchair long term can be expensive.

Internet Reviews

Online reviews are a impressively useful way of checking out what people think of their toddler strollers. Individuals write their evaluations of the strollers they own so that other people can examine them. Most people are honest about the evaluations and they rate the strollers on different features such as maneuverability, comfort, accessories, folding, size etc. On-line reviews are a quite important part of your research into baby strollers.

Cathy McGovern is a work at home mother with two children. With a background in management and marketing, she now works from home. She provides free, objective and unbiased reviews on baby strollers at Stokke Stroller or Bugaboo Cameleon Reviews

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