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  • Published March 30, 2012
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Choosing a good riding lawn mower is very important as they don’t come cheap and you will be using them for years to come. This is why you must make a good planning prior to the purchase. Here are the top tips for buying a riding type lawn mower-

  1. Money talk

First of all, make a fixed budget. Make sure of yourself that how much money you are willing to spend at most for the mower. To get an idea of the general price range you can go through any online mowing store.

  1. It’s never a bad idea to bargain

The sticker price is not always the fixed price. The price of the mower changes with time as new models arrive in the market or if there is an off-season. Whatever the case may it be, you better give a shot to bargaining with the shopkeeper. He will surely give you some discount.

  1. Try buying in the off-season

The prices of the lawn mowers greatly drop in the off –seasons. Generally, the prime selling season for the mowers is the spring season and the summer season. They do not sell much in the winter season or in the season of the fall. This is why their prices fall during this time and you can get your favorite model at lesser price.

  1. Size of yard

The size of the yard is a very important factor in deciding the type of mower you should buy. If the yard is small then even a mower with a fair horsepower will do. However, if the size of your yard is huge then you will need a mower with very good horsepower. Here is something which will help you choosing the right mower:

Lawn spread around 1 acre- Mower with a 14 HP engine and deck size of 42" is required.

Lawn spread around 2 acres- Mower with a 16 HP engine and deck size of 46" is required.

Lawn spread for more than 2 acres- Mower with 18-22 HP engine and deck size of at least 48" is required.

  1. Attachments

The best feature of the riding type lawn mowers is the attachments that could be used with them. Make sure you check out all the different attachments which are free with the mower you are willing to buy. Always opt for that type of model with which a number of external tools such as small trailers are available.

  1. Get a test drive

Check out the body structure and see if the seating is comfortable and the operations are easy to handle. Talk to the shopkeeper to let you take test drive of mower.

  1. Customer support

Also, see if the brand of the mower you are going to buy has a customer care center in your city. This is essential because if someday later if you will need to get your mower repaired then you won’t have to cover long distances to get it done.

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