Instituting legal action in the cases of medical malpractice or personal injury


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  • Published April 6, 2012
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The group of attorneys and lawyers who represent their clients in personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits are often portrayed as "ambulance chasers" in movies and on the TV. There may be an element of that by certain members of the legal profession but by and large these people are all extremely hard working and caring professionals who attend to their clients best interests and go out of the way to present a firm and robust case.

Take a person who has been misdiagnosed in the case of a virulent and deadly disease which, had it been caught when first presented could have been safely and easily treated, but because of the misdiagnosis the treatment is far more severe and requires fairly radical treatment. The patient is far worse off after the negligence of the medical practitioner.

Anyone in the medical profession has a duty of care and that should at least match the generally accepted level of care and attention and professional ability that is prevalent throughout the profession. In the case of the patient described above, if it could be shown that the misdiagnosis was negligent then the patient has an actionable case and is entitled to compensation.

Making an appointment with New York Medical Malpractice Attorneys will see that the circumstances are thoroughly investigated and if warranted a legal action will be instigated.

A similar situation exists with the personal injury attorneys. Anyone hurt or mutilated in an accident that was not their fault has had his(her) right not to be so injured violated and if warranted may be compensated. At the very least he should have all his medical and recuperation costs completely covered as well as things like loss of earning and potential future complications.

The vast majority of these cases are from motor vehicle accidents as well as a limited number from industrial accidents. In both of these sorts of cases as well as any other where one has been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another, then New York Personal Injury attorneys will investigate and institute claims.

The immediate needs of anyone thus injured are medical and hospitalization bills. They also may suffer from loss of earnings and so one. They are bound to be out of pocket and the person who caused the accident is liable. In most cases this liability is covered by an insurance company. If an individual tries to claim against the insurance company on their own they are liable to find a great number of barriers in the way.

Insurance companies will always deny the claim and then spend a lot of time trying to reduce their liability. New York personal injury attorneys are wise to these tricks and are expert at cutting through the red tape and ensuring that their clients cases get settled as speedily and fairly as possible. This is very important because an injured party really needs the money coming as soon as possible and usually cannot afford to wait months for the insurance company to settle.

It is important that you are careful when selecting the right New York Personal Injury Lawyers.

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