What to do when injured or hurt in an accident or by an overzealous policeman


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Usually when one is hurt or injured in an accident there is a lot of blame assigning. Usually however it is fairly clear who the 'at fault' party is. In the case of car accidents the legal system requires fault to be established and based on such fault the injured parties are justified in making claims.

If one is so injured and tries to initiate a claim against an insurance company then one is likely to initially get a repudiation of this claim. If one persists then the Insurance company will go to extraordinary lengths to investigate the circumstances and do their best to reduce their liability. Given that there are often many spurious claims against insurance companies the attitude is perhaps understandable. Nevertheless a person who has been injured in a car accident, not his fault, usually has not got time to wait.

Hospitals want to know that they are going to get payment, usually before they begin more than rudimentary treatment, and if it is a serious injury then the hospital and medical bills are going to start escalating quickly. In addition the injured may have other stresses, his or her normal everyday household expenses will not cease because they are in hospital, nor will the demands of the family for support. But the income may dry up. If an injured party has a broken leg a minimum of 6 weeks recovery is required before he can be hobbling about on crutches. Depending on the job his income may cease well before the 6 weeks are up.

So New York personal injury lawyers would short cut this process as they have experience of making claims that will not get bogged down in bureaucracy. Their job as they see it is to ensure that their clients are rapidly covered for all medical expenses, including likely future recuperation costs and physical therapy. In addition they will endeavor to get a decent award for "pain and suffering".

This award is unlikely to be huge unless the injury sustained will lead to permanent disability or severe disfigurement. Usually the very big awards are for life altering injuries such as brain damage, paraplegia or amputations. The monetary award usually won't compensate for injury.

The police have a very hard job to do and are often faced with dangers and challenges as well as violence. Nevertheless they are subject to a strict code of behavior. When depriving a person of their liberty and making an arrest there are procedures that have to be followed. The reading of the Miranda rights. Correct search and seizure as well as legal warrants as the case may be

A New York Police Brutality Lawyer is very happy to consult with anybody who feels that their rights to liberty and not to being brutalized have in anyway been contravened. If it has been found that the police have exceeded their authority than there may well be a case for a suit against the police authority. These cases have in the past resulted in large financial awards being given to the victims of police brutality.

Make sure to do your research before settling on a New York Police Brutality Lawyer.

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