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  • Published April 13, 2012
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To find a suitable electricity supplier is frustrating and confusing process for many people. The electricity cost depends on several factors, type of plan selected, the area you live in and how much electricity you use per day/ month.

In Illinois the prices of electricity are still high. It has ranked fifth among states in energy production and seventh in electricity consumption.

If you are looking for electricity provider in Illinois, it is important that you get right information on-time, so that you could make right choice regarding your electricity provider. To enable Illinois consumers to take advantage of potential savings on their electricity bills, here is the list of questions that you need to get the answers to select right energy provider.

• What is the rate of the electricity?

• Will the rate deviate from month to month?

• How long term contract?

• Where does the energy come from?

• Does the company offer sign up bonus?

• What are the estimated annual savings?

• Is there a cancellation fees?

• Is the provider reputable?

The Illinois Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law of 1997 restructured the state’s electric service industry to allow a choice of electric suppliers. With electric choice, the electric supply may now be provided by different companies known as Retail Electric Suppliers (RESs).

Your electricity service is made up of three parts: (1) the electricity itself is provided by an electricity generator and is sometimes referred to as electricity "supply" or "generation", (2) the "transmission" of that electricity from the generation facility to your local utility, and (3) the "distribution" or "delivery" of the electricity by the utility over the electric lines that lead to your business or home. In the past, the utility provided all three parts of your electric service (supply, transmission, and distribution).

Selecting an electricity supplier can seen confusing however it is fairly simple. It is just like you are buying car insurance policy. In these challenging economic times, consumers know the value of fixed rates and cost savings offer to consumers and their families. You can also check out website of Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), a state agency that oversees the competitive retail electric market in Illinois.

Now in less than five minutes, you can compare electricity rates on or by simply switching your electricity provider businesses and homes can save hundreds in utility expenses depending on usage. Now is a good time to switch your electricity provider since many companies are offering rates that are 10-30% below Comed’s current prices.

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