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  • Published April 13, 2012
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Mother's Day is a celebration which honours mothers and motherhood. It is celebrated on various days around the world usually during the months of March, April and May although some countries do celebrate it in the second half of the year. Also in some countries the actual date of Mother's Day can change from year to year, in the UK for instance it is on the 4th Sunday of Lent.

The most traditional way of celebrating Mother's Day is by sending a gift of flowers, accompanied by a gift card. Carnations are perhaps the most traditional Mother's Day flowers, usually in pink and white. Other flowers such as Roses, Chrysanthamums and Tulips are quite popular for Mother's Day; but any bright and cheerful spring flowers will no doubt delight any mother immensely.

The best way to pick which flowers to send to your mother is generally to go for her favourite flowers and colours. This would show that you have put some consideration into what you have sent her as a gift. Another thing to keep in mind is the meaning of different flowers and their colours. Carnations for example mean different things depending on the colours, pink for instance means among other things a Mothers love, and white symbolises affection. A dark pink Rose on the other hand indicates gratitude, a white Rose stands for purity and secrecy and a yellow Rose implies friendship. A white Lilac flower signifies memories, so would be a great choice for a gift since we all have joint memories with our mothers. Obviously the meanings of the various flowers and their colours may not matter to your mother but it is something worth thinking about if it does.

There are of course alternatives to flowers, you could for example send her a plant which can last longer than cut flowers and remind your mother of your love, throughout the year and beyond. A Peace Lily plant is a good example. As the name suggests they mean peace, they are easy to look after, look great and have been proven to help remove pollution from the air. Perhaps an Orchid plant such as the Phalaenopsis Orchid which symbolises love and refinement would make a suitable gift.

There are plenty of ways of getting your Mother's Day flowers or plants delivered on time. Obviously you can buy your flowers from a local florist and take them to hand over in person, which is by far the best option. You may not be able to do this however, so you can of course get the gift delivered. There are plenty of options for this, such as buying from an online flowers by post company, who will deliver your chosen bouquet of flowers (or plant) for you with a personal message. There is a good choice of Mother's Day flowers available online from some big names in the flower industry, and if you shop around there is something for every budget. Keep an eye out for high delivery costs at the end of the checkout process though, and steer towards those with free delivery. These deliveries are generally made by a separate delivery company such as a courier, or sent by first class post, although some companies use local florists around the country to make up and deliver the flower gift. Some of the flowers by post companies also supply cards, and in some cases handmade cards, specifically made for Mother's Day to contain your personal message. Other online florists allow you to add various extras, such as chocolates or scented candles to your order to make it extra special.

Last but certainly not least, the message that you send with the flowers is very important. Try to say something personal that will mean alot to your mum, rather than simply putting 'Happy Mother's Day, Love Bob'.

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