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  • Author Austin Anthony
  • Published April 24, 2012
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Not all hair dryers are created equal. It is just a fact of life. There are brands out there that all you pay for is the name. The hair dryer does not live up to the reputation and falls flat, as well as your hair. We all want quality. We want a hair dryer with power, but one that is safe and reliable. Twin Turbo Dryers by Turbo Power is the answer to all of the above.

It is designed with the professional in mind. It is durable. With a year warranty, it is made to last, trouble free, for a minimum of 2000 hours. In those many hours of drying time, you will be delighted to use a hair dryer with balance. The people who designed the Twin Turbo Hair Dryer, kept ergonomics and the user in mind. They designed it to allow a freedom of movement that other dryers just don't allow. It is a lighter weight than most dryers so with that freedom of movement you wont have to worry about hand and arm fatigue. The hair dryer is balanced and has no vibration at all. You can use it on a regular basis without worrying it will tire your arm out. It does not have the effect of feeling heavy or vibrate as much as others to cause ill effects.

Turbo Power has many different Twin Turbo styles to choice from. They have the smaller Twinturbo 3500 ceramic and ionic that is perfect for the styler on the go. It is small and compact, but still has the power to get the job done. They also offer the Twinturbo ceramic and ionic 3200. This is the most powerful professional dryer. It has ceramic and ionic technology in one hair dryer. The ceramic and negative ion charge technology makes this dryer the best and most powerful dryer they offer. It makes the hair shiner, softer and healthier. It is the best they offer and will outshine the competition. One of their latest innovations is an Eco-Friendly TurboPower 3800. This blow dryer is made with materials that can be recycled. It also has been designed to have built-in silencer. Think less noise pollution and a quieter dryer. It also uses less energy and is ozone friendly. Not to mention that all the package is made from biodegradable papers. Twin Turbo is offering a product that most others haven't even considered, a hair dryer that is environmentally friendly!

The Turbo Power company also has a full line of accessories to accompany your new Twin Turbo Blow Dryer. They over a variety of diffusers for their various product line as well as a dryer holder. All of these products have the same high quality standards as the hair dryers themselves.

No matter which Twin Turbo dryer that you decide to use you will not be disappointed. With the power and the ease of use these are the go-to hair dryers for professionals. This was a hair dryer that was designed for professionals to use on a daily basis, all during the day. And by the end of the day, you will still love it!

I'm the in-house pro at, the editor of and a professional cosmetologist. See our full selection of Twin Turbo Hair Dryers.

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