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  • Author Suzanne Tyler
  • Published April 24, 2012
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How many times have you said that you want to see Alaska?

An Alaskan vacation is a once in a lifetime adventure that leaves you with lifelong memories. If you never got the chance to see Alaska, than why not this summer! There are many different types of trips to Alaska, from motor tours to cruises, and each illustrate travelers part of the exceptional splendor of the Alaskan countryside.

The Pacific Northwest, from Washington to Alaska, is a gorgeous landscape filled with dense forest, enchanting aquatic life and native tribes that have long called the region home. One of the most enthralling highlights is seeing totem poles along the Pacific shoreline, monuments of tribes of old. Much of the native art is tied with nature and speaks of the spirits of the creatures that live in the area. Engravings of ravens, bears, orcas, whales, eagles, and hummingbirds are customary in shell, wood, and bone and there are many opportunities to purchase jewelry, carvings, and various artwork still made by the First Nations Tribes in Alaskan cruise Ports of Call. The artworks are very strong and extremely unforgettable that if you are attracted to an piece of jewelry, it is best to buy it or you might regret it when you get home!

One of the neatest things about traveling to Alaska is the midnight sun! Travelers can find it quite unexpected when the sun remains visible through most of the night due to Alaska’s proximity to the Arctic Circle. Travelers are wise to bring a sleep mask to block out the light if they have any problem sleeping when it is not dark! Who knows, you might get use to round the clock light and decide to summer in Alaska; watch out though, because in the winter they have the opposite!

Touring the interior of Alaska offers breathtaking views of living glaciers and ice fields and a chance to see the natural habitat of untouched countryside. Denali National Park is a popular destination and well worth a tour of the Alaska’s interior. Inside the national park is Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America and the third highest mountain in the world. Seeing this rock giant is aweing and it is the centerpiece of a trip to Denali National Park, that is, if you do not come face to face with a grizzly! The majority of Denali National Park is inaccessible by outside vehicles and is unpaved, only park vehicles and buses can access the inner parkways and get close to Mount McKinley. On an inside tour of Alaska, tour operators have partnered with the park service to take advantage of park transportation for the best of both world!

Travelers who choose to travel to Alaska via an Alaskan cruise liner will usually begin near the Olympic Peninsula in Seattle or Vancouver and travel the coast of British Columbia to Glacier Bay and beyond! This mode of transportation showcases some of the most sought-after Alaskan views including glaciers, icebergs, and whales.

Alaska tours let you cruise to Alaska and then see touch sites as Denali National Park! Alaska vacations packages are available that pair exciting tours such as an Alaskan cruise and a west coast train tour!

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