Give the Gift of Inspiration This Easter

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  • Author Wendy Kramer
  • Published May 14, 2012
  • Word count 429

Belly bubbles over belt buckle and zits are already threatening to break free from a once clear facial landscape like little volcanoes on the horizon. Does Easter really have to end this way again?

You have just finished another feeding frenzy. If you are anything like me you have leaned on the side of both quantity and quality. You have had vast quantities of chocolate of varying quality and now you feel really ill. Your gills are not quite green but you are feeling fairly uncomfortable. The question is whether that sick feeling is physiological or psychological. Your gut is now gurgling and the guilt has started to set in.

Easter was a lot simpler when we were kids. Easter eggs were hidden; they were found, and eaten. Not devoured followed by a shroud of shame forcing the consumer into hiding. No you could eat what you liked and you would eat what you liked and you did it guilt free. That is once your childish adrenalin had forced you to run around the yard looking in every nook and cranny big enough to fit a chocolate shaped egg.

That childish adrenalin was not too dissimilar to the feelings evoked at the fair or the show or anywhere you would find a lucky dip. For just fifty cents you could throw your hand in the pink or blue box and retrieve a toy of some description. Pink for girls, blue for boys, things certainly were so much simpler back then. You may unearth some cheap looking plastic jewelery but the anticipation was worth it.

Can you imagine revisiting that time again as an adult? Imagine an adult lucky dip that is not only laced with anticipation but also loaded with inspiration? One where you can nominate your area of interest and have a mystery box arrives on your doorstep full of serendipity.

Be it a travel destination, car you dream of owning, or even a brand new boat. If you let the guys at Dream Feeder know they will deliver your inspiration to you in a box. It’s the most uplifting gift you could give yourself, or someone else. Send a subtle hint to a friend and you have a surprise gift registry in the making. It takes two seconds to fill out a couple of questions and click submit and this Easter you will receive a surprise gift thoughtfully picked out for you.

So abandon your gluttonous ways this Easter and choose a gift that shows you care. Give a gift of inspiration to your loved one.

Ex Lonely Planet author Wendy Kramer, now spends her time giving gifts of inspiration at

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