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  • Published May 30, 2012
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The Bob baby stroller company manufactures a variety of three wheeljogging strollers made for the parents who like to run, jog or trek through rugged terrains. Here are a few BOB baby stroller reviews with descriptions to help a parent choose what is best for their lifestyle.

The Bob Revolution SE has a swiveling front wheel that allows superior maneuverability. It has the option to lock, for increased stability when jogging or trekking through rougher terrains. The Revolution SE has an easy, two step fold, lightweight 25 lb. frame that makes it transportable. This BOB stroller has an adjustable suspension system for a smooth ride. The Revolution stroller has an accessory adaptor to accommodate attachments of Bob Infant Car Seat adaptor or Snack Tray. The seat is thickly padded, with a five point safety harness. The Bob Revolution Stroller has an adjustable multi-position canopy and a large viewing window to keep an eye on baby. The wheel are fashioned with high-impact polymer, pneumatic tires. The storage basket underneath, seatback pocket and internal seat pockets, provide space for all your stuff.

This BOB baby stroller has a safety parking brake, a padded handlebar, wrist strap for security and a fold lock when folded. The BOB Revolution is also available in a double stroller

for two.

The Bob Sport Utility Stroller tackles tough off-road terrains. The fixed front wheel provides stability for hiking, jogging or rougher trails. This Sport Utility Stroller has a two step folding, with a 26 lb. lighter weight frame. The adjustable suspension system provides a smooth ride.

The Bob Sport Utility Stroller has an accessory adaptor, padded, reclining seat with a five-point safety harness. The multi-position canopy adjusts for protection and has a large viewing window. The wheels have pneumatic tires for toughness and traction. The storage is found underneath, and internal seat pockets, and seatback pocket. The parking brake helps secure a stopped position, and the hand brake provides additional stopping assistance when strolling. The Bob Sport Utility Stroller is also available in a double stroller.

The Bob Ironman is slightly different from the rest. It is made for those who like to run marathons. It is a lightweight 23 lb. stroller with a fixed front wheel that provides increased stability for jogging or running.

The Bob Ironman has all the convenient features of the other Bob Strollers, from storage and safety, to comfort and maneuverability. It has a signature canopy, silk screened with the Ironman logo. Like all the other Bob joggers, the Ironman is also available in a double stroller.

The Bob Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller is for cross training, workouts and the Stroller Strides Fitness Program. It includes the Stroller Strides Fitness Kit, handlebar Console, Stroller Strides exercise manual and tubing.

The Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller has a lockable swivel front wheel for maneuverability. The Stroller Strides Stroller has all the other features that Bob strollers offer.

For easy cleaning of the Bob baby stroller, sponge area with a solution of lukewarm water, and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all soap and allow to dry. Don’t use detergent.

The Bob strollers are made for runners, joggers and fitness walkers in mind. For a parent who is looking to include their baby in their sport outings, the Bob strollers have many relevant options.

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