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  • Published June 1, 2012
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On average,a promotional message imprinted on a bag can deliver more than 1,000 visible logo impressions in a single month. What this means is that one customer or prospect, carrying one bag with your company logo or message on it is going to tell a thousand people about your products and services in the space of a month. Simply put, promotional bags are smart ways to investing a product that will ensure superior visibility and recall for your brand. Maybe that’s why promotional tote bags are so popular with businesses looking to advertise.

With increased awareness of the environment, and the challenges facing humanity as it struggles to survive long into the future, recycled and ecofriendly products are an important way for anyone to show their responsible stand on the environment. For an advertiser, then, recycled, organic, biodegradable tote bags with the company logo or message are a great way to demonstrate their environment friendly attitude. Eco friendly tote bags encourage the right kind of interest in the services or products your company provides, while it shows people that you genuinely care for the planet and the environment.

As it becomes more important, every passing day, to be responsible and environmentally aware, the ever increasing numbers of eco-conscious consumers are a showing clear preference for the companies that care, and manage to show how important they think it is to protect the environment. Be one of the preferred responsible brands with ecofriendly tote bags from the wide range available at tote bags.

The surest way to demonstrate the environmental responsibility of your brand is to make sure your promotional products are earth safe and eco-friendly, and made from recycled materials. Tote bags made from recycled paper make great environment friendly promotional products that demonstrate your earth friendly and responsible side.

Green promotional items such as eco-friendly tote bags are manufactured from sustainable materials that are, and can be, recycled. With your message emblazoned on a tote bag made from materials like cork, jute, or bamboo, you are sure to reach the widest possible range of customers and prospects with your message of responsible consumerism. This not only puts your brand and your name out there, where people can see and relate to it, but also shows them that your company cares.

Go green! Show your earth friendly side with the wide range of eco-friendly promotional tote bags made from sustainable recycled materials available from the team at Action Printing Inc. These inexpensive green giveaways not only have plenty of space for your logo and a message, it can also easily have contact details like phone numbers and a website address.Any way you look at it, eco-friendly tote bags are superb promotional items that advertise your business and help the environment at the same time.

With the whole world looking at reusable options for just about everything these days, eco-friendly items such as tote bags will be appreciated by the people who receive them.Promoting your brand through these green tote bags is sure to be an excellent chance to show that you are concerned about the environment while making you’re your business achieves the greatest exposure it can.

Bob Simons is Marketing Director of Action Printing, the Promotional items Superstore. More information can be found at Promotional products.

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