Chair Exercises That Are Great for People with Disability

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  • Published June 11, 2012
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Getting enough physical activity is an unending issue for disabled people, which is why chair exercises have been developed for them. Physical limitations and pain usually make it harder to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, a number of exercises that were designed for the disabled can be performed while sitting in a chair or wheelchair. Such exercises can be modified to suit the particular condition of a person.

Consult Your Doctor

Before doing any exercise regimen, it is essential that you contact your doctor or physical therapist first. You can discuss the best possible exercise program to do for the condition you have and which ones to avoid. It has also been suggested by the Arthritis Foundation that any exercise regimen designed for the disabled be discussed with a physical therapist. He or she can teach you how to perform the proper techniques for your program, so that you avoid any injuries to yourself.

Starting the Program

Chair exercises should be started simply so that your body will have a chance to get used to the activities. There are several chair exercises that are described at, which are also beneficial to disabled persons. They can be performed without the need of any special equipment, which make them excellent for wheelchair confined people. An example is play boxing, which is a great starting workout. When performing the exercise though, avoid snapping your elbow as this could result to injury. Other exercises that are good for disabled people are leg kicks, seated jumping jacks and arm circles. Select the activity that you like to do and perform each exercise in sets of twenty repetitions.

MSNBC reported that there is a new trend that is emerging, which is chair yoga. This allows the disabled to do a number of yoga exercises that are simple and do not have the strain of the traditional yoga.

Using Free Weights

Free weights can be used to build the tone of your muscles. Such free weights can be found in various sizes starting from one pound. For disabled people who have difficulty in holding weights, there are those that can be strapped on the ankles and wrists. Chair exercises that are described at can be adapted or utilized by disabled individuals and done while sitting.

Utilizing Exercise Bands

An exercise band is an elastic band that is incorporated with handles on its two ends. While holding each handle in each hand, a disabled person can pull on the exercise band. Physical exertion is achieved from the resistance offered by the elastic band. There are a number of chair exercises that can be performed using the band. There are exercises options that are available as well. The band can be looped around the back of a chair for example, allowing the handles to be pulled forward by both arms. Another variation is to put the band under both feet while seated and pulling the handles upwards.

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