Kindle Digital Publishing A Good Way To Make Passive Income

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  • Author Michael Bridges
  • Published June 13, 2012
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If you’re looking for a good way to make some passive income you should look into Kindle digital publishing. Authors of digital books are finding it easy to make passive income these days and with the high sell of digital e-book readers its no wonder. Millions of people are buying these devices and buying books to read on them. These devices have also freed up authors from publishing companies and allowed them to take control of their own writing careers.

E-readers have also given the writing novice a chance to become a published author and get their writings out to the public. Because of e-book publishing an average person with little to no writing skills can be a published writer. There is good and bad in this. The good is that a gem that might have never been discovered otherwise will have a chance to shine. The bad is a lot of junk can be put out on the market.

Never the less a lot of folks are making a pretty good passive income by publishing e-books. The Amazon Kindle is the biggest selling e-reader around and more folks buy and read more books on it than any other. That is why it is more appealing for authors to do Kindle digital publishing.

The old way of submitting your book to publishing houses and waiting to see if it gets accepted was depressing to say the least. More times then not authors ended up pulling rejection letters out of their mailboxes. Heck, even Stephen King got several rejection letters. The point is a lot of good writing went undiscovered with this method.

But digital publishing rescued authors from all of that. Now you have people like Amanda Hocking, who’s books were rejected many times by many publishing companies, have a best selling e-book and making millions of dollars. The best thing is when you self-publish on Kindle, Amazon will list your books for sell in their Kindle store and every time it sells you make money. You don’t have to do another thing. We’re talking passive income here. Amazon even promotes the book for you. And get this. It doesn’t even have to be books. You can publish poems, special reports, articles, essays, etc. There is no limit to how many things you publish. The more stuff, the more money you have the potential to make.

So if you like to write, want to get published and make some passive income, Kindle digital publishing just might be your ticket.

There are a few things that can help you to be more successful publishing a book on Kindle. Things you need to know like what subjects to write about for more success, promoting methods and formatting for Kindle are just a few. That link below will take you to where you can get that information. Just give it a click.

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