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  • Published July 19, 2012
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Have you ever wondered what life would be like without shopping carts? Or working in a catering company with absolutely no tray trolleys? Some would say that these contraptions aren’t really all that necessary, but for those of us who shop by bulk or work for catering companies that cater by the hundreds, life without carts or trolleys would just be unthinkable. The hassle and the stress caused by their absence would just be too much, especially given the amount of food and other resources people carry and consume nowadays.

Carts and trolleys have become such a necessity for most of us, yet they are one of the most overlooked everyday objects of our time. Once upon a time though, these common objects were revolutionary wheeled wonders that paved the way for the invention of many other useful contraptions.

Brief History of Carts and Trolleys

Before they were ever in supermarkets and restaurant kitchens, carts and trolleys first started in factories. Way back in the 1900’s, factory carts that looked much like old kalamazoos or pump carts were used to transport fabrics, furniture and other supplies and materials around the factory floor. By the 1920’s, carts made their way not just on the train tracks as pump carts but inside trains as steam table service carts, bringing hot food and drinks straight to well-to-do train travellers.

By 1940, the very first shopping cart was introduced to the public by Sylvan Goldman, owner of a chain of supermarkets in Oklahoma. Goldman wanted to devise a way for customers to be able to move more groceries, and came up with the first shopping carts that were then called "folding basket carriers". Though Goldman’s shopping carts failed to catch on immediately, the ease and convenience they gave in transporting groceries and other goods eventually led to their popularity, and carts and trolleys have become indispensable to the transport of goods ever since.

Carts and Trolleys Today

Carts and trolleys are everywhere nowadays, and their function has extended to far more than just transporting food and grocery items. Today they can be seen zipping through hotel hallways carrying everything from luggage and laundry to mops and refuse, and numerous other kinds can be seen in professional kitchens everywhere holding and transporting food and cutlery.

Carts and Trolleys made of sturdier materials can also be seen transporting various supplies and equipment for industrial and manufacturing purposes, and still others are used to carry papers, linens and other supplies in hospitals and offices. The adaptability and functionality of carts and trolleys today have truly expanded and proven them to be essential tools for efficiency and success.

Find Carts and Trolleys Fast and Easy

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