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  • Author Jonathon Whittle
  • Published September 7, 2012
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As someone with a business website it is important to understand the basics of page content. The bad news is that is not enough if you want to be at the top in your niche. You can still find the top if you are willing to do the learning and then apply the things that you have learned. More great news is that in addition to being quite doable the actual secret is learning and then taking action on what you've learned. As you take action, make sure you've got tracking things in place which will help you properly measure your efficacy.

If you have any kind of ads on your blog, then study popular blogs and notice where they place their ads. This has become a very important concern especially if you do search marketing. But in the end this is all about your traffic, and you need to provide them with quality posts. You can get very good examples of how sites are dealing with ad placement if you are not all that sure of what to do. What many sites are doing is alternating text with ads or moving them over to right of content.

If you want to find the best method for yourself you need to do a little bit of experimenting and testing. This is a tip that you can use to assist your readers. At the end of your post or copy, include a short summary of the thing they just finished reading.

Attention spans have shortened over the years and people tend to just skim now. Help them remember your content via this small summary. This summary needn't be fact, it should be just the opposite. Four or five sentences that re-hit the most important points you were trying to make. Also, set this off in a little table, or box, and then give it a soft background color that is low in contrast.

If you need to take care of the white space on your web pages there are wise and more cumbersome methods of doing so. It's possible to have longer paragraphs that are double or even triple spaced to give you some white space. This does not, however, work very well when it comes to website usability. You will serve yourself a lot better, however, if you make your content almost bleed white space. It isn't hard to do this in a few different ways, depending on what kind of design skills you have. Change the space of the height between your lines in your site's CSS. Another great idea is to make use of short paragraphs and lists in all of the different areas of your content and your copy. You can help yourself by ensuring that your white space is evenly balanced throughout each page of your content and your copy. While working through the process of making high converting page content, be sure you have a good app in place for tracking. If you're like most IM folks, you'll probably go with Google Analytics. There are other (better) apps out there but what matters is that you track everything.

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