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  • Author Michael Zhu
  • Published August 8, 2012
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With the new school year getting ready to start you will find yourself searching around for all of the supplies your child will need to begin the term. While paper, pencils, and notebooks may be easy to locate, more specialized items can be a little more difficult. Backpacks come in many different shapes, styles, colors, and sizes. While a basic backpack can be found at most stores selling back-to-school supplies, a specific design such as an Osprey backpack may take a little more legwork.

One of the easiest ways to locate such an item is to do an internet search. Type in the keywords "Osprey backpack" into a search engine and see what results come up. You can also try keywords that include "for sale", "retail", or "back-to-school". You will get a list of places online where backpacks with ospreys on them or in the shape of ospreys can come up.

You may have to special order the backpack from an individual or company that makes customized items. This will usually cost more than if you purchased a basic pack from a storefront or online. It may also take longer to arrive when you order it because it is made after you pay for it and not before.

Calling around to your local office supply storefronts is also a way to find what you are looking for. They can put you through to an employee working in the backpack department and you can ask if they have anything like what you are looking for. This may take longer than doing an internet search will, but if you find the object you won't have to pay shipping like if you ordered it online.

Another way to find what you are looking for is to ask other parents and students where they got their items. If they have the same pack you are looking for, or something similar, you can find out where they got it and hopefully buy one of your own there. You can also ask if they got the item on sale and if they have had any issues with it that you need to know about.

While an Osprey backpack may be harder to find than a basic pack, if that is what you are looking for there are ways to find it. You just need to be willing to spend some extra time considering your options, doing some research, and locating what you want.

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