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  • Published November 18, 2012
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Along with selling a comprehensive range of Coleman tents to cater for every outdoor experience, Coleman moreover offer a number of tent accessories, for example battery powered tent fans and lights, tent repair kits, additional tent stakes and rainflys for the Instant range of Coleman tents.

Coleman Tents - Must Have Accessories

If someone doesn't already have a tent peg mallet, then the Coleman Tent Peg Mallet plus Stake Removal tool would be a recommended investment. This mallet works effectively when hammering tent pegs into firm, dry terrain. This mallet also happens to be a peg removal tool, and it's shaft also has useful slot openings for tent peg removal.

Coleman's Tent Kit is another recommended product, as it comes with the essentials campers need in order to setup and break down any Coleman tent. This set consists of a strong rubberized tent mallet to hammer tent pegs into firm terrain, a tent peg removal device which makes stake removal simple as well as a convenient small brush with dust-pan combo in order to help keep your tent clean. This kit includes 4 Coleman tent pegs to stop Coleman tents from flying off.

Tent Repair Accessories

The Coleman Tent Repair Kit includes everything you require to fix any Coleman tent. The kit has a couple adhesion ripstop nylon patches to repair tent flys and two mesh patches that can fix inner tents. Three tent ferrules and shock-cord may be used in order to repair damaged poles, and also the tube of seam sealer is used in order to re-waterproof tent seams that leak. Also included is one strong sewing needle and 2 reels of nylon-thread.

The Pro-Techt Water Repellent Aerosol Spray is able to rejuvenate the waterproofing within any Coleman Tents that you purchase. This resilient silicone solution could be utilized upon nylon/canvas tents.

Tent Lights for Coleman Tents

Coleman sell a variety of battery powered tent lights, suitable for for Coleman Tents. The standard Tent Light by Coleman connects securely onto any tent via an excellent integral magnet, and won’t damage the tent fabric. Coleman's tent-light has a robust, changeable Krypton bulb that provides loads of light plus it runs on 4 AA size batteries.

The Coleman CPX 4.5 LED Tent Light offers a bright light (around 60 lumens bright), and offers three lighting modes - high, low and nightlight. The tent-light has got a waterproof construction, and its adjustable rotator allows campers aim the light exactly wherever required. It can secure via magnet to Coleman tents or any metal object, plus can be powered by three AAA size batteries otherwise using Coleman’s CPX 4.5 Rechargeable Capsule (which can be bought seperate). This tent lighting provides up to fifteen hrs of runtime plus has a useful battery meter.

Fans for Coleman Tents

A battery operated fan is a convenient gadget to keep one's cool through a sweltering summer's night. The Coleman fan connects simply and saftely onto any tent with the use of a powerful magnet, and has soft, flexible blades for safety. This fan produces up to 16 hrs of continuous operation on one D size battery.

Coleman's Cool Zephyr fan with Light attaches onto Coleman tents with powerful magnetic plates. The tent fan and light can be operated using separate controls, and also this Coleman fan provides an adjustable two-speed flow control. This light includes 4 white LED lights which offer a nice light to read to, and a single amber LED bulb which is used whenever operating in ‘nightlight’ mode. This fan/light runs off 4 D batteries, and the unit will perform steadily for twenty four hours (using high-speed) having the light turned off.

Coleman's range of tents must be regarded as many of the best tents currently on the market today given that these tents are easy to put up, use the best quality materials and provide the best possible water-proofing currently available. Coleman Tents Online is a blog centered on offering campers with the lowdown on the entire range of Coleman Tents.

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